Saturday, 23 July 2011

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Yes babe.. another review on ELF products, this time it's the ELF Contouring blush and bronzing powder which is from the studio line. A lot of people use it and i've read quite alot of good review about it. The packaging look exactly like the blush and bronzing powder from NARS but it's cheaper.

This is how it looks when i took it out from my parcel.

Front part of the packaging. Pretty simple.

The back of the box which includes the information and ingredients.

Came with a matte black casing. Very simple and easy to use design.

So this is how it looks like in the inside, the blusher on the left and contouring powder on the left and with a big mirror included. 

Clearer photo of ELF blush and contouring powder taken from the internet.
As you can see the palette comes with two colours ie the blusher colour and the bronzing or contouring colour.

Blusher : Pinky coral colour with a hint of tiny golden glitter
Bronzer: Dark brown with some glitter, shimmery.

I personally like the blusher alot as it gives me a very healthy and glowing complexion on my cheeks. The baby coral pink look very sweet and natural, and it's suitable for all skin tone. It's really very pretty. The bronzer or contouring powder on the other hand is quite disappointing. I wonder why they want to call it the contouring powder as the brown colour in the palette is not matte but shimmery. It's more suitable to be used as a bronzer or maybe as a darker blusher. I've tried contouring my face with the bronzing powder and it makes my face look too shiny and weird. I've tried to use it as a bronzing powder all over my face but i feel that it makes me look dirty.. 

You really have to be very careful when applying the bronzing powder as it's very pigmented and you need to use a very light stroke to apply it on your face as the colour tend to be too dark. 

 So overall, i can tolerate with the palette as i love the blusher with a hint of golden shimmer but the bronzer. 

-Blusher gives a healthy glow and complexion
-Cheap and affordable (USD3 = RM15)
-Easy to apply 
-Plenty of product and you'll need just a lil for every application and can last for really long
-Comes with a huge mirror for easy touch up and convenient

-Lasting powder is not that great, need to re-apply after sometime
-Not available in Malaysia, only online
-Not suitable for contouring
-Bronzer needs to be applied with care or else you will look like a dirty cat

Overall Rating:

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