Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Egyptian Magic Cream

OMG... i got bombed by all my finals projects and exams.. 3 more papers and projects and im done for this semester!! Still have a few more days before the next paper so i better grab this chance to write a lil review on the products which I've purchased not long ago-THE EGYPTIAN MAGIC CREAM.

I got to know about this Egyptian Magic Cream through Bubzbeauty, a famous you-tuber. The main hype bout this products is that famous celebrities and runway modals are fans of this product like Kate Hudson, Madonna, Eva Mendes, Oprah and etc. Such high profile celebrities are big fans of this products so i told myself that it must be some kind of magical cream that can solve all my skin problems and i was eager to get one of this Magic Cream.

I have a normal combination skin and always face problems like black heads and white heads on my cheek. It has been bothering me since i've enter my tertiary education in KL, maybe due to the polluted air and water, stress and irregular sleeping time. I've wanted to get one but i couldn't find anyone that sell it in Malaysia. I was dying to try it out. A few months later, i started seeing some people  brings this products into Malaysia and started selling it online. At first i don't really believe it as i thought that it might be imitation so i went to search for Egyptian Magic Cream page on facebook and under the Where To Buy tab, there's 3 authentic sellers in Malaysia.

I got myself one jar of Egyptian Magic Cream from Beauty Mart, which is one of the authentic seller from Malaysia. It cost me RM125 for a jar of 4oz Egyptian Magic Cream. The cream is yellowish in colour, looks like Vaseline but the texture is thicker. It's in cream form and will actually melt into oil when you rub it with your palm. I can't really describe how it smells like, not a nice smell but definitely not an unpleasant smell too. Er, i can say that it smells a lil like honey and powdery vanilla? 

Ingredient wise, it uses 100% natural ingredient and i was pleasantly surprise. Say YAY!! =) You know you can't find something like this nowadays as all those marketed skin care products are being made by chemicals. So the ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. I'm not going to describe what each ingredient does for our skin as we already know that all those ingredients mentioned only gives us benefit, unless you're allergic to honey products. 

The main advantage of this product is that it contain high moisturizing level that it's good for people that suffer from eczema. Many people have used this products as a multi purpose cream and they actually use it for various purposes like moisturizer, makeup remover, rashes, stretch marks, essential oils, aroma therapy, chapped lips, dry and cracked skin, itchy skin, massage oil, shaving cream, after-shaved cream, heals razor bumps, hair tamer, hair treatment, scars, tattoo, for pets, makeup base, eyebrow tamer, and even vaginal moisturizer and cream. I think there're still alot of other usage but it's too many for me to mention here and i actually did some of the test on my skin, i will let you know the result later. 

Ok enough of all the intros and blah blah. I'm gonna start my review now. To my disappointment, the product is really oily. I've tried to use it as my moisturizer but i cant stand the oiliness of the products on my skin. Some people says that it really does its work for dry skin and even suitable for oily skin as it will be absorbed into your skin in 30 minutes. However, it doesn't work for me, i've applied quite a thick layer at the first time(yes im greedy and i love using lotz of products) and my face ended up look like an oily stupid piece of meat. It doesn't get absorbed and i feel terrible. So the next time i try reducing the amount by warming up the cream and then gently dab on my skin but the result's still the same. The cream doesn't get absorb even after the whole night and i woke up with an oily and sticky face with my hair sticking on my face the next morning. It doesn't have any good effect on my skin but leave my skin feeling heavy, clogged and breakouts. T_T I stop using it as my face moisturizer after 3 nights.

What to do with the remaining tub of cream? I search for all the usage it's for and tried them one by one so here're the results:

i) As a hair treatment cream : I've tried applying it at my hair ends, it makes my hair turn really oily like i didn't wash my hair for weeks. The first time i tried washing it off after a few hours, and the next time i wash it off after 2 days. Both gave me the same result, unimproved hair conditioned. So.. =Fail=

ii) As a scar treatment : I apply some on my old and new scar, took some time to massage it till it's fully absorbed for 1 week. My old scar remain the same but the new one actually faded a little so i think it doesn't work for old scar as the cream doesn't have any whitening effects. Somehow, honey has a healing property so  it might helps in reducing new scar as it helps in generating new cells. =Successful=

iii) As a skin moisturizer : I have very dry feet and skin as i stay in the air-cond room for almost 24 hour a day 7 times a week. I apply the cream all over my feet and put on a pair of socks overnight. My skin feels softer the next day and the skin condition improved a lot after 3 days. =Successful= 

iv) After-shaved cream : After shaving my armpit, i apply some of the cream at my under arms to see if it's really that effective. I don't really know what the result is as i don't use any after-shaved cream normally but seems like my underarms ended up sticky and uncomfy. After some time i feel a lil itchy and can't resist to wash it off. =Fail=

v) Makeup remover : I melted the cream with my palm and apply it on my face as a makeup remover. A lot of it is needed to remove all my makeup including mascara. It works but i think is't not worth it as i need quite a lot of it. =Successful=

vi) Makeup Base : OMG.. my face feels sticky and oily after applying it. I tried to use at as a makeup base, just for experimenting the effect at home, but i can says that it doesn't work as my foundation glides the same even with or without the cream, and i feel that my face is too heavy and my pores are dying for air. How can you go out with makeup if you feel unsecure and heavy on your face? =Fail=

vii) Eye cream: Yes some people even apply it around the eyes area as eye cream but i can't tell any difference after using it as eye cream. My eyes still look puffy as usual.. Some of the products actually got into my eyes and it's really irritating. I think it's because it's in oil form and when it get heats up with body temperature, it's constantly melting so it's not a good idea to use it as eye cream, unless you don't have any eye cream and you can bear with the pain when it gets into your eye. =Fail=

viii) Lip balm : This works great as a lip balm, my chapped lips feel so much better the next day. =successful=

vi-iii) Stretched mark treatment : I have some stretched mark at my hips and it really bothers me a lot. I apply the cream as my concern area, massage it until the products are fully absorbed and then apply another alyer and massage again. Sigh.. no effects and all my hard work wasted... =Fail=

So these are what I've done with my Egyptian magic cream. I was curious about its usage as a vagina moisturizer, i mean why we need to apply moisturizer there? Besides it's not clinically tested that it can be applied there, and wonder what is it brings side effect to our most delicate part of the body huh? 

If you're keen to know more bout the products, here's what is written on the tub:

Life Takes from the Taken and Gives to the Giver. Above All let your word be your bond.

Directions : Take moderate amount and rub in our palms until it takes the form of oil (It helps the skin absorb effectively.) Apply over your skin gently. Peace, Divine love, perfect health, internal, eternal wisdom and infinite blessings unto you, precious one. Kamitian folklore recalls the existence of a miraculous skin cream secretly used by the great sages, mystics, magicians and healers of ancient Kamit, used as an anti-aging skin rejuvenation to maintain radiant,healthy, smooth and glowing skin.

The jars actually stated that we can be refunded if we're not satisfy with the product, by returning the half remaining tub of cream to the seller. I've contacted the seller, Beauty Mart, and wrote a post on their wall regarding about this but they actually deleted my post and doesn't respond to me. Forget about it, i think i was too innocent to believe that there're such great deals on earth, where you can return your half used product back to the seller and get back a full refund. Lol.. --> Read the new post where they finally refunded the money for me.

Egyptian Magic Cream... come to my final thoughts.. It's really a multi-purpose cream and one that uses only natural ingredients. It helped in healing dry skin and lips, maybe great for people with very dry skin and eczema but too much for me who has oily combination skin. It's something like Vaseline, but at a higher price, and of cause, Vaseline is not that good as it's made of petroleum jelly which clogged pores and some think that it's not good for our health as well.

Here are some ads found online about Egyptian Magic Cream:

However, the benefits that it gave to me is not to my satisfaction, as i can get a lip balm, lotion and foot cream at a much lower price. RM125 for a foot cream is something too costly for a student like me. I will not say that the cream is bad, nor great but it's best if you can try it out yourself as it gives different effect on different skin. It might work for you although not for me. So im gonna sum up the pros and cons if you think this post is too long.. Lol..

-Made of 100% natural ingredients
-Very moisturizing
-the 4oz jar can last for a long time
-can be used on all skin type
-no preservatives, coloring or fragrance

-Comes in a tub, not that convenient to use
-You need to scoop the amount needed with a spatula, or else it might be contaminated if you use a bare hand
-Only available online and thus you can't try the texture before purchasing
-Not that easy to be absorbed (im not sure how if it's applied on dry skin)

My Rating: 

Thank you for viewing... XOXO


  1. I was curious about this too after reading all the hype but your review saved me from trying it out myself. Thank you so much!


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