Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Body Shop Peach Body Butter

Got myself a Peach Body Butter at The Body Shop sometime ago. Has been using it for quite some time and here am i to give a lil review base on my result. =)

Before i start, here is how it looks like,

Description from the label:
Intense, creamy skin conditioning and softening.

I was searching for Mother's Day gift one day and was attracted by The Body Shop lovely packaging. I've bought a set of body products for mommy, and i can get a body butter by adding on just RM1. Without wasting time, i quickly grab my favourite peach scent. =)
I absolutely love the smell of this body butter. The peach scent of the body butter is so so so tempting and irresistible that i feel tasting it. It's doesn't smell like artificial or candy peach scent but a real peach fruit scent. The scent stay on my skin for quite a long time after applying it and my mum said that it smells really good even though she's outside my room when i was applying it.
The texture is quite thick and to my disappointment, it feels quite sticky on my skin. =( However it's non greasy like other body butter but you will definitely not go for this body butter is you aren't in an air conditioned room as you will feel that you whole body being coated by a layer of glue.This butter does moisturize my body but, not to a level of my satisfaction although peach oil is quite moisturizing and this body butter contains both shea and cocoa butter. It's really an intense creamy body butter, just like the description but it doesn't really soften my skin.
Normal price for a tube of this cost around RM55 to RM65 but i only got it for RM1 so i have nothing to complain. In a conclusion, what i really like about this product is the lovely nice peach scent and what i dislike is the awful sticky feeling after applying it. So it's a 50-50. 
Packaging wise, it's not really convenient as it come in a tub and you need to twist open the cap before using it, which is okay but after applying it, you need to close it back and i don't really like the product to stick on the cap which is quite dirty. I wish it comes with a pump dispenser. Worth a try? Well it's definitely worth if you're a peach lover.  Opps, not to forget, this Body Shop peach body butter is actually a limited edition scent and i don't think it's in their store anymore. 

-Really Great smell
-Moisturizing and effective
-Long lasting smell on my skin

-Quite pricey
-Sticky after applying it
-Inconvenient tub
-They discontinue this product

Overall Rating : 

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