Saturday, 23 July 2011

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Midnight Blue

The second ELF product that i've purchased is ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. It comes in 3 color i.e black, brown and i've got myself the midnight blue color.

Price: RM15

So this is eye liner, simple, black colour tube with silver writing on it. It's a pen like liquid liner which is quite easy to apply.

I gave a swatch on my hand and it dries up rather fast. It doesn't glide smoothly and the line is very thick. Somehow is feel that it looks like a cheap marker pen's ink on my hand which has faded slightly. LOL... Did you remember i mentioned that i've purchased the midnight blue color? Does it seems like midnight blue and more like a black one? I've double comfirm it and it's midnight blue, printed on the packaging. It's not the kind of midnight blue i was expecting and it's totally black, maybe greyish.. But hey.. there's no BLUE!

 I did a comparison between the ELF and Maybelline Eye Studio liquid liner. The texture of ELF is thinner and obviously the Maybelline one is much thicker and more intense as you can see, it dries up slower than the ELF eyeliner but the color is definitely more appealing, don't you think so?

Oh look at this.. this's the bad thing. It smudged when i rub it with my finger-only rubbed ONCE and you can see that the Maybelline eyeliner still stay there, the ELF eyeliner's gone, byebye.. 

It's called the ELF waterproof eyeliner but it's not, i've tested it by dabbing some water on it and it smudged badly. Definitely a bad product! Do not purchase this unless you want yourself to look like a panda.

-easy to apply

-Not smooth
-Texture is too thin for eye liner
-Smudges and not waterproof, you'll look like a panda after using this, trust me
-Hard to get, only by online from Malaysia
-Not long lasting
-Just bad!!

Overall Rating:

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