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Vaseline aka Petroleum Jelly

Oh gosh, woke up early in the morning with a bad night sleep. Wonder why.. The happy things are, i'm going to get my hair dyed, after 8 months LOL and i love my baby smooth feet!! I have been applying Vaseline all over my feet and put on a pair of socks after that for 2 nights and the result is really good!! My super dry, calloused feet is not as smooth as a baby feet again! Just 2 nights!!

Basically, Vaseline @ Petroleum Jelly is a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and micro-crystalline waxes that are blended together to form a smooth jelly that has melting point just above human's body temperature. It literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. It then resolidifies and lock them self in place.

It serves two function: Keep the outside world out i.e to protect skin from the effects of weather and exposure. Second it acts as a sealant to help keep the inside world in i.e it forms an occlusive barrier to the natural water loss of our skin. So skin is protected from drying elements, enabling skin-softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself. From here, please understand that Vaseline doesn't provide any moisture to our skin, but it helps locking the moisture in our skin from drying out.

Just a lil of the history, petroleum jelly in it's raw form was actually a bad things to U.S oil drillers in the late 1800's. It has a paraffin like texture that stuck to the shaft of ther rigs and caused them to seize up. However, they do apply it on their cuts and wounds as it has good healing properties. So after that, a person name Cheseborough opened his first factory in Brooklyn, NY under the brand name "Vaseline" as an ointment for skin injuries in 1870. So this is how they found Vaseline and below are just a few wonders of Vaseline:

For household use:

1. Apply thick layer of Vaseline on the inside of the Super Glue Cap threads after first use to keep it from gluing itself shut.

2. Apply a thin coating of jelly on shoes, boots and purses with a soft cloth to keep them shiny and looking great and repel water and road salt at the same time.

3. Quiet a Squeaky Door hinge with a coating of Vaseline on the hinge pin.

4. Keep Your Hand Clean by rubbin on Vaseline before you begin with the chores as it keep paint, stain, car grease and garden dirt from your skin. Just wipe it off with paper towel and wash away with soap.

5. Apply Vaseline along your hairline and ears before you begin to prevent Hair Colour from staining your skin.

6. Apply Vaseline on Cuts and Scrapes to protect it as it act as a barrier to keep out moisture and bacteria.

7. Use it as a Moisturizer all over body. It's suitable even for people with sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance of harmful chemical.

8. Prevent Car Battery Post corrosion by applying a layer of Vaseline on the terminals.

9. A thin coating of Vaseline on Ourdoor Lights bulb threads can prevent them from sticking when they need to be replaced.

10. Rub Vaseline on the skin around your nail before polishing so that the Nail Polish can be easily wiped off if you make a mistakes.

11. Apply Vaseline around the inside edge of cans to form an Air Tight seals.

12. Frozen Locks can be fixed or prevented by smearing Vaseline on the shaft of the key and insert into the lock and work the key nad lock for a few times to lubricate them.

13. Apply Vaseline along the runner on a Sticky Drawer to make it slide freely.

14. Apply Vaseline to your feet, right after bathing and put on a pair of socks for the whole night. It keeps the moisture on your skin from evaporating and makes your feet softer.

15. Apply to prevent Diaper Rash to replace expensive ointments and creams

16. Apply some Vaseline at the Tight Finger Ring and it will slide in or off easily.

17. Keep Nuts and Bolts from rusting by rubbing them with Vaseline before using.

18. Rub petroleum jelly on the damaged Water Rings on Wood Furniture and let it stand overnight, removes excess jelly and buff with a soft cloth.

For Beauty Use:

1. Put a thin coat on your eyelash and you will find your lashes grow longer and thicker after some time.

2. Apply some Vaseline at your eyebrow to tame it.

3. Use it as eyebrow colour. Mix some Vaseline with your desirable eyebrow colour using eyeshadow, apply them at your eyebrow with a thin lip brush or eye brow brush. This will make your brow looking beautiful and tame.

4. Apply Vaseline on your feet and elbows everyday-they will stay soft!!

5. Apply Vaseline on your cuticle a few times a day for a healthier and better looking cuticles.

6. Apply Vaseline on your lips to cure that chapped lips.

7. You can use Vaseline as lip gloss, it's safe.

8. Apply Vaseline at pulse point before applying your perfume, this makes the perfume scent stays longer.

9. A natural Moisturizer for people with sensitive skin.

10. Moisturizes dry skin.

11. Apply Vaseline to your teeth to prevents lipstick sticking to teeth. Beauty pageants and celebrities actually did that!!

12. Mix with sea salts and some essential oils to make body scrub.

13. Can use it to replace massage oil.

14. People with extremely dry skin or eczyma can use it for night cream.

15. Protects skin from harmful pollutants.

16. Can be used as makeup remover.

17. Applied a gentle amount on your cheek for a dewy look. Remember not to apply too much as you will end up looking oily.

18. Mix it with your blusher and apply it at your cheek to create that long lasting healthy glow on your face.

19. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline before applying your eye shadow to make it stay longer and make the colour more intense.

20. Apply some Vaseline at your ear lobe when you have difficulties with earring insertion.

21. Apply Vaseline on your scalp to condition your scalp, let it stay for 15 minutes and shampoo your hair.

22. Apply on scar(face or body) to prevent bacterial infection.

23. Apply a thin layer after you get a tattoo, it helps in healing and protecting the newly done tattoo.

24. Apply some Vaseline and rub it with your palm, scrunch through your hair for a messy and choppy look.

25. Apply a small amount on the ends of your hair to hide dry and split ends.

25. Mix Vaseline with powder eye shadow to create a more solid and intense eye shadow. It also prevent the powder eye shadow from getting all over your face.

26. Apply vaseline on your lips and cover your lips with a cling wrap for 5 minutes, then scrub your lisps with a toothbrush to exfoliate and they will be baby smooth.

Wow!! Look at all the amazing things you can do with Vaseline... Grab one and make it your best friend as it get quite handy when you run out of something such as your makeup remover, body lotion, moisturizer, scrub and etc.

There're alot of comments stating that Vaseline or petroleum is actually poisonous, clogged pores and etc the petroleum jelly in the market all proven safe for all its uses and i think those are just misconceptions. It has been in the market for so many years and if there were any true problems with it, we would already have seen them by know. It's okay if you disagree with me as these are solely my opinions and experiences. =)


-Do not use Vaseline on burns(including sunburns) as it will trap the heat on your skin and make the damage worse.
-Do not use Vaseline for nasal congestion or dryness because when inhaled, it might go into your lungs and cause lipoid pneumonia.
-Do not use Vaseline on any latex product such as condom as it can weaken and damage latex.

~~~Happy Trying~~~

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