Saturday, 23 July 2011

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Yes babe.. another review on ELF products, this time it's the ELF Contouring blush and bronzing powder which is from the studio line. A lot of people use it and i've read quite alot of good review about it. The packaging look exactly like the blush and bronzing powder from NARS but it's cheaper.

This is how it looks when i took it out from my parcel.

Front part of the packaging. Pretty simple.

The back of the box which includes the information and ingredients.

Came with a matte black casing. Very simple and easy to use design.

So this is how it looks like in the inside, the blusher on the left and contouring powder on the left and with a big mirror included. 

Clearer photo of ELF blush and contouring powder taken from the internet.
As you can see the palette comes with two colours ie the blusher colour and the bronzing or contouring colour.

Blusher : Pinky coral colour with a hint of tiny golden glitter
Bronzer: Dark brown with some glitter, shimmery.

I personally like the blusher alot as it gives me a very healthy and glowing complexion on my cheeks. The baby coral pink look very sweet and natural, and it's suitable for all skin tone. It's really very pretty. The bronzer or contouring powder on the other hand is quite disappointing. I wonder why they want to call it the contouring powder as the brown colour in the palette is not matte but shimmery. It's more suitable to be used as a bronzer or maybe as a darker blusher. I've tried contouring my face with the bronzing powder and it makes my face look too shiny and weird. I've tried to use it as a bronzing powder all over my face but i feel that it makes me look dirty.. 

You really have to be very careful when applying the bronzing powder as it's very pigmented and you need to use a very light stroke to apply it on your face as the colour tend to be too dark. 

 So overall, i can tolerate with the palette as i love the blusher with a hint of golden shimmer but the bronzer. 

-Blusher gives a healthy glow and complexion
-Cheap and affordable (USD3 = RM15)
-Easy to apply 
-Plenty of product and you'll need just a lil for every application and can last for really long
-Comes with a huge mirror for easy touch up and convenient

-Lasting powder is not that great, need to re-apply after sometime
-Not available in Malaysia, only online
-Not suitable for contouring
-Bronzer needs to be applied with care or else you will look like a dirty cat

Overall Rating:

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Midnight Blue

The second ELF product that i've purchased is ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. It comes in 3 color i.e black, brown and i've got myself the midnight blue color.

Price: RM15

So this is eye liner, simple, black colour tube with silver writing on it. It's a pen like liquid liner which is quite easy to apply.

I gave a swatch on my hand and it dries up rather fast. It doesn't glide smoothly and the line is very thick. Somehow is feel that it looks like a cheap marker pen's ink on my hand which has faded slightly. LOL... Did you remember i mentioned that i've purchased the midnight blue color? Does it seems like midnight blue and more like a black one? I've double comfirm it and it's midnight blue, printed on the packaging. It's not the kind of midnight blue i was expecting and it's totally black, maybe greyish.. But hey.. there's no BLUE!

 I did a comparison between the ELF and Maybelline Eye Studio liquid liner. The texture of ELF is thinner and obviously the Maybelline one is much thicker and more intense as you can see, it dries up slower than the ELF eyeliner but the color is definitely more appealing, don't you think so?

Oh look at this.. this's the bad thing. It smudged when i rub it with my finger-only rubbed ONCE and you can see that the Maybelline eyeliner still stay there, the ELF eyeliner's gone, byebye.. 

It's called the ELF waterproof eyeliner but it's not, i've tested it by dabbing some water on it and it smudged badly. Definitely a bad product! Do not purchase this unless you want yourself to look like a panda.

-easy to apply

-Not smooth
-Texture is too thin for eye liner
-Smudges and not waterproof, you'll look like a panda after using this, trust me
-Hard to get, only by online from Malaysia
-Not long lasting
-Just bad!!

Overall Rating:

ELF Eyelid Primer

As a makeup junkie who always love to try something new I've got myself a few ELF cosmetics products online and here's one of them. The ELF Eyelid Primer. ELF offers 2 kind of eyelid primer i.e the mineral one and the normal one. I've got myself the normal eyelid primer for only RM10. 

So here it's. Very simple design and it comes in a transparent tube with a small brush for application. 

Dabbed some on my hand, as you can see, it has a skin tone like colour. 

I'm not sure whether you can see it or not from here but it dries up with a bit of colour behind and i think it's actually great to even out the skin tone. 

This is how i apply it. I dabbed some on my eyelids and blend it out with my fingertips. It dries up pretty fast. It leaves a powdery feel on my eyelids and i can feel it when i'm applying my eye shadow. It really does it works by holding my eye shadow for quite a long time. My eye shadow colour appears more intense and last longer. As this is my first eye primer, i can't really tell whether it's a good one or not as i have nothing to compare with but for now it works great for me as my eye shadow does stay longer and the color stands out more. 

-Hold my eye shadow 
-Longer lasting eye color
-Easy to apply and blend

-Only available online
-Seller who imported the product in actually earns quite alot. 

Overall Rating:

*Singapore is actually the sole distributor in Asia and they are bringing ELF to their country now. Is that a good thing? Nope!! Whenever i click on ELF website it directed me to the Asia's ELF website automatically and the prices are in Sing Dollar. They're selling it for a very unreasonable price and i actually contacted the US Elf's Manager about it and here is what the person in charge in Singapore's ELF replied to me. 

Hi Kar Yen

Mr Alan Menaged of e.l.f. USA has kindly referred your query to us.

We noted your comments on our prices as compared to USA and seek your understanding that we, as the Asian region distributors, have added costs among others such as freight, import duties, warehousing and other operational costs, not to mention the mandatory health lab tests for all products in accordance with ASEAN Cosmetics Act 2008 which was fully implemented last month.  In return our distributors and customers can be assured of the safety of the products. 

Our distributors enjoy wholesale prices for bulk purchases.  If you are interested let us know your proposal and how we can support you in your endeavours.

Thank you and send you our best wishes.

Pixie Cosmetics

 Sigh too bad rite. I wish i'm rich enough one day to be the sole distributor for this kind of cosmetic products and i will definitely offer it at a lower price.

L'oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation

L'oreal Paris Cosmetics launched a new line of whitening foundation fir Asian Skin-the White Perfect Duo Foundation that comes in powder and liquid form. I wasn't a great foundation person so i did some research before getting myself a foundation and most answers say that people with oily skin should go for a powder foundation. I was attracted by the L'oreal Whitening Foundation as there was a sales and the promoter was there to promote the product.

Price : Approximately RM60
Size : 7.5g

The powder has 2 different tone, top one is lighter and shimmery, which can be used to highlight features and the lower one is matte. It's available in 4 shades i.e. the Apricot Ivory, Nude Vanilla, Vanilla Ivory and Golden Caramel. I got myself the Nude Vanilla shade.

It says that this Duo Powder Foundation supposed to provide a long-lasting with pearly radiance effects. It's packed with Vitamin C, melanin-block and SPF18 to prevent skin darkening, brown spot and ageing.

To my horror, the foundation makes my face look cakey and dry after a thin application, and it doesn't have tha pearly radiance as stated but instead i look like a dead vampire with dull and ugly face. I've read a few positive reviews on the product before i purchase it and now i totally disagree with them.

The powder makes my face looks dehydrated, unhealthy, cakey and it's so unnatural. The shimmery foundation at the top doesn't give me that nice healthy glow but look like a cheap shimmering powder instead. =(

I regretted for purchasing this product so i end up keeping it for almost a year now and it cost me bout RM60 for this foundation which i think it's not worthy for the results that it gives. I tried to use it as a finishing powder sometimes but the effect is just not to my liking. e

I'm trying to finish this foundation fast so that it's not wasted. Can't give it away as non of my friends is suitable for the shade that i've bought. What i did with the powder foundation now is by applying the foundation with a dampen sponge and it actually appears less cakey and the coverage is not too bad. However, i will definitely not purchase any L'oreal foundation again and will try to save more to get a better one next time.

-Nice packaging
-Comes with a mirror

-Bad coverage
-Cakey, bad finishing
-Doesn't worth the price
-Makes my skin looks dry and dull
-Causes some breakout

Overall Rating:

Definitely a wrong choice and decision for me. =(

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review on London Weight Management

Does it look familiar to you? Yes it's London Weight Management, the utterly bad slimming centre. It's a hell! Do not get cheated by them, they offers variety of package, for students, aunties and etc but you can actually get a student package even if you're an aunty as they eagerly want to earn your money! 
Yeah, again i've bought the voucher for a slimming treatment at only RM10 but the experience was really bad. My housemates actually went first before me, and they complaint about their bad service and bad experience. We actually lodge a complaint at London Weight Management but they didnt get back to us nor reply. I also lodge a complaint at the website where i've bought this voucher and they said they've declare the problem. 

Please do not get cheated by their packages. When you tell them that you dont have that much of money, they will offer you another package and it gets cheaper and cheaper. Initially the package cost RM2k over, they then offer another package at RM1k and then RM500. Ridiculous! And the result is not really visible is 5 session. One of my friend when there for the whole treatment in a package, for 10 times, yes she slim down but back to her size after some time. 

I don't really want to talk about my friends and my experience at London Weight Management. If you wish to know more, this is the link where alot of people have bad comments about their service and i swear the beauty consultants are really scary! Just like a witch that make you feel miserable and down!! The comments are true and if their service is not that bad, they why so many people out there writing bad reviews on them right?  


If this's something that you want, please practise a healthy diet plan, eat moderately and healthily, more vegetable, less meat and oil. Exercise plays an important role too. Exercise regularly and you will find that you're feeling healthier. Stop wasting money at all those slimming center which doesn't guarantee good result. 

Ambience: 7/10
Service : 3/10
Effectiveness : 2/10

Review on Glamor House Bangsar

 Thanks to Khailing who suggested me a coupon deals at  for a hair colouring session + hair treatment and a basic manicure for only RM99!! It's truly an amazing experience at Glamor House!!

So basically the deal include a basic manicure worth RM50, a hair color worth RM230 and also an intensive hair treatment worth RM130 and with total worth of RM410, we only paid RM99 for it!! 

Me, Lingling, Bin and Pengpeng made an appointment and went there on Monday to redeem our treatment. We had some trouble finding the place but we made it at last and was amazed by the lovely and cozy place. It's a  bungalow like building, but they called it mansion to make it sound more glamour i think,  and nicely decorated with plants everywhere. There should be a jockey but he was late for work on the day we went for  out treatment. That was not a big deal to me as i wasn't driving.

So we was welcomed by a friendly staff, who asked us to fill in our details and some questionnaire before guiding us around the bungalow. She showed us the different section of their building, as they separate the services available at different places. 

So this is their huge bungalow-like shop, and the car park was quite limited actually. It's okay, they can manage it as they have a jockey there.

Ok so this is their waiting area if you brought your bf, gf, friends or whoever along. Wow, look at the comfy couch and LCD tv. It's just like a home. 

So the next section will be their facial room. Yes they have all sort of beauty services there. And their machinery for facial is scary, there're lots of them and i their tools are really sufficient. They provide all kind of facial treatment, for acne treatment, black spot, anti-aging and etc. They also have slimming treatment and the room look something like in the above picture too, but the room has its own bathroom so that customers do not need to walk out of the room when they need to wash off their scrub or whatever.

And this is their pedi and mani spa places with massage chair. Oh yeah.. ~massage~ .. 

 So this is their hair saloon, which is located upstairs, and before reaching this place, there is a place for kids to play for those hot mama who brought their kids along while they enjoy their spa treatment. Such a brilliant idea...

This the the area for rinsing the hair, and it's so so comfy. I like it when they cover me with the soft wool-like cover when they're rinsing my hair, unlike other saloon which use just a plain towel to cover. 

Even their washroom is nicely decorated and it's squeaky clean. I have never seen any washroom in the saloon that's so clean before. Something like a hotel standard washroom. Lol..

All the photo above are from their facebook page as i didnt take any photo during my visit. So now let's talk about their service. We was welcome by a friendly beauty consultant and she guided us through the building and to the hair saloon. Then we sit at our own place, and we was asked if we like any drink and we just asked for plain water, worrying that they might charge us for extra things. Lol! So they serve us a glass of water and a bowl of guava. Later i found out that you can order other beverages and you dont need to pay for it. 

They have two manicurist there and one of them came to me, and start my manicure session while lingling and pengpeng chose their favourite colour. I chose bright orangy red. I love my manicurist as she's very friendly and we chat while she was doing the manicure. Next a big and tall man, with heavy cigarette smell came near me and that was disgusting!! He came to let me choose my hair colour and i chose something like a purplish red. I really cant stand his smell and almost made me puke! Such a heavy smoker and i dont know his name!

I like this cute guy who did my hair, name Edwin and he's the artistic director. And i love the fringe that he cut for me. 

So the whole process took like about 3 hours, i was tempted to do their pedicure as they have 50% offer for all the services until the end of August so me and Pengpeng will go for their pedicure by end of August. 
Overall, im satisfy with their service, as they're friendly and 100% not pushy. They didnt asked us to add on anything or force us to purchase their products as this is very rare nowadays as everyone at everywhere is so hard sell. 

Pricing wise, i think it's something for the "fut tai" aka rich aunty, or some high class chick with lots of money to spend. I cant really afford their treatment if it's without the deal or 50% discount but that's the price for it at Bangsar. Really love their service and environment, very comfy, home-like, friendly and truly a great experience. Below are the price that i can remember for their treatment.

Normal Manicure RM60 after discount RM30
Normal Pedicure RM60 after discount RM30
Spa Pedicure RM120 after discount RM60
Hair Colouring RM 230
Hair Teatment RM130
Digital Perming RM380
Normal Perming RM330 

To know more you can go to their website, or facebook fan page or contact them directly. This is the map for their location, it's just at the junction right before Petronas Sation and you can see it once you've turn in. 

-Further information can be found in their facebook page or website. =)


-Not Pushy
-Very nice environment
-Nicely planned and decorated
-Offers variety of services
-Something new and different that normal saloon
-Provide comfortable waiting area with TV and comfy couch
-Concern about customers' needs 
-Car park provided and there's a jockey

-Price is a bit too high end for a student
-The french manicure is not nice due to their technique
-Bad traffic around that area

Overall Rating:

Will i go there again? Definitely YES!! =) Thumb Up for their services!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

6 Easy and Useful Make Up Steps

Beauty is only skin deep. For a woman to be truly beautiful, she must be beautiful on the inside as well, which mean once should be kind, compassionate and have all the good values. Well as for outer beauty, cosmetics and techniques for applying them are essentials, especially when we age. If you think that what you need is only natural beauty, please ignore this blog as i strongly disagree with you. Makeup is a way to make us look much better, and a way to boost up our confident. Will you look good if you take a photo-shot without any makeup on? The answer is definitely NO!! 

Well, if you're on the same side with me, let's proceed. =)

Firstly, you'll need
  • Quality Foundation
  • Quality Powder
  • Quality Eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Skin toned and green concealer
  • Quality cheek blusher
  • Cosmetic brushes

Step 1
The very first step for a basic makeup is to clean your face with a gentle facial or cleansing foam. Be use to wash your face with circular upwards strokes to prevent sagging and fine lines. Rinse thoroughly with water and gently pat dry your face with facial towel or cotton pad. 

Step 2
Apply toner with a cotton pad and then a moisturizer, either with sunscreen or without. If you have one that's without sunscreen, you can apply sunscreen after your moisturizer. Let the moisturizer being fully absorbed by your skin for 5 minutes. Next apply your foundation that suits your skin's natural colour and texture evenly. Apply foundation with gentle, upward strokes and remember to blend the foundation gradually from beneath the chin to jawline. Apply concealer to conceal your puffy eyes or dark circle. Do not rub it in but dap it with your ring finger gently.

Step 3
Apply your cream blusher if you want a longer lasting effects. Then set your makeup with a translucent powder with the powder brush. If you're using powder blusher, apply it after setting your makeup with the translucent powder lightly. The way to apply the blusher is by smiling to determine your cheekbones and blend the blusher from there towards the temples.

Step 4
Brush your eyebrow and fill in gaps with light strokes with an eyebrow pencil. Be sure to shape your eyebrow before doing this. Apply eyeshadow. Apply the lightest shade as a base, deeper shade on the eyelid. Apply a light shade below the brow to make your eyes look bigger and energetic.

Step 5
Apply eyeliner with feathery strokes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Apply mascara carefully from the base to the tip. A brown mascara create a warmer look which is suitable for day time look and a black or blue one create a dramatic look for night time. 

Step 6
Apply lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss. Choose a sheer lipstick for a more natural look, shimmer for a pearly and subtle coverage or cream one for matte finish. Lightly outline your lips with a lip liner that matches the lipstick colour. Fill in your lips with lipstick and blot them with a tissue. Add some sexy shine to your lips by adding a thin layer of lip gloss over the lipstick.

-Always use quality cosmetics at a price you can afford, try not to use any imitated cosmetics as it will cause breakouts in your skin.
-Remove your makeup when you get home. Never sleep with you make-up on your face overnight as your skin needs to breathe.

Well let's look at some of the celebrities' photo-shot with and without makeup.. 

The foundation, bronzer, blusher etc instantly make her face look amazingly energetic than without makeup.

Concealer and foundation hides away freckles or pigmentation on her cheeks.

The eyeliner and mascara/fake lashes instantly brighten up her eyes.

Look at that saggy eyes before makeup. And the fine lines.

Concealer hides dark under eye circles and even out your complexion.

Makeup makes your face appear slimmer.

Now you believe what i mean? Look at the wonders of makeup with the correct techniques!! You can hide all the imperfection that you want. Name it, fine lines, freckles, pigmentation, discoloration, eye bags, under eye dark circles, scares, acne, mole, saggy eye, tired face, and etc. So what are you waiting for, practice makeup everyday and make yourself a more confident you!! XOXO =)

Vaseline aka Petroleum Jelly

Oh gosh, woke up early in the morning with a bad night sleep. Wonder why.. The happy things are, i'm going to get my hair dyed, after 8 months LOL and i love my baby smooth feet!! I have been applying Vaseline all over my feet and put on a pair of socks after that for 2 nights and the result is really good!! My super dry, calloused feet is not as smooth as a baby feet again! Just 2 nights!!

Basically, Vaseline @ Petroleum Jelly is a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and micro-crystalline waxes that are blended together to form a smooth jelly that has melting point just above human's body temperature. It literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. It then resolidifies and lock them self in place.

It serves two function: Keep the outside world out i.e to protect skin from the effects of weather and exposure. Second it acts as a sealant to help keep the inside world in i.e it forms an occlusive barrier to the natural water loss of our skin. So skin is protected from drying elements, enabling skin-softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself. From here, please understand that Vaseline doesn't provide any moisture to our skin, but it helps locking the moisture in our skin from drying out.

Just a lil of the history, petroleum jelly in it's raw form was actually a bad things to U.S oil drillers in the late 1800's. It has a paraffin like texture that stuck to the shaft of ther rigs and caused them to seize up. However, they do apply it on their cuts and wounds as it has good healing properties. So after that, a person name Cheseborough opened his first factory in Brooklyn, NY under the brand name "Vaseline" as an ointment for skin injuries in 1870. So this is how they found Vaseline and below are just a few wonders of Vaseline:

For household use:

1. Apply thick layer of Vaseline on the inside of the Super Glue Cap threads after first use to keep it from gluing itself shut.

2. Apply a thin coating of jelly on shoes, boots and purses with a soft cloth to keep them shiny and looking great and repel water and road salt at the same time.

3. Quiet a Squeaky Door hinge with a coating of Vaseline on the hinge pin.

4. Keep Your Hand Clean by rubbin on Vaseline before you begin with the chores as it keep paint, stain, car grease and garden dirt from your skin. Just wipe it off with paper towel and wash away with soap.

5. Apply Vaseline along your hairline and ears before you begin to prevent Hair Colour from staining your skin.

6. Apply Vaseline on Cuts and Scrapes to protect it as it act as a barrier to keep out moisture and bacteria.

7. Use it as a Moisturizer all over body. It's suitable even for people with sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance of harmful chemical.

8. Prevent Car Battery Post corrosion by applying a layer of Vaseline on the terminals.

9. A thin coating of Vaseline on Ourdoor Lights bulb threads can prevent them from sticking when they need to be replaced.

10. Rub Vaseline on the skin around your nail before polishing so that the Nail Polish can be easily wiped off if you make a mistakes.

11. Apply Vaseline around the inside edge of cans to form an Air Tight seals.

12. Frozen Locks can be fixed or prevented by smearing Vaseline on the shaft of the key and insert into the lock and work the key nad lock for a few times to lubricate them.

13. Apply Vaseline along the runner on a Sticky Drawer to make it slide freely.

14. Apply Vaseline to your feet, right after bathing and put on a pair of socks for the whole night. It keeps the moisture on your skin from evaporating and makes your feet softer.

15. Apply to prevent Diaper Rash to replace expensive ointments and creams

16. Apply some Vaseline at the Tight Finger Ring and it will slide in or off easily.

17. Keep Nuts and Bolts from rusting by rubbing them with Vaseline before using.

18. Rub petroleum jelly on the damaged Water Rings on Wood Furniture and let it stand overnight, removes excess jelly and buff with a soft cloth.

For Beauty Use:

1. Put a thin coat on your eyelash and you will find your lashes grow longer and thicker after some time.

2. Apply some Vaseline at your eyebrow to tame it.

3. Use it as eyebrow colour. Mix some Vaseline with your desirable eyebrow colour using eyeshadow, apply them at your eyebrow with a thin lip brush or eye brow brush. This will make your brow looking beautiful and tame.

4. Apply Vaseline on your feet and elbows everyday-they will stay soft!!

5. Apply Vaseline on your cuticle a few times a day for a healthier and better looking cuticles.

6. Apply Vaseline on your lips to cure that chapped lips.

7. You can use Vaseline as lip gloss, it's safe.

8. Apply Vaseline at pulse point before applying your perfume, this makes the perfume scent stays longer.

9. A natural Moisturizer for people with sensitive skin.

10. Moisturizes dry skin.

11. Apply Vaseline to your teeth to prevents lipstick sticking to teeth. Beauty pageants and celebrities actually did that!!

12. Mix with sea salts and some essential oils to make body scrub.

13. Can use it to replace massage oil.

14. People with extremely dry skin or eczyma can use it for night cream.

15. Protects skin from harmful pollutants.

16. Can be used as makeup remover.

17. Applied a gentle amount on your cheek for a dewy look. Remember not to apply too much as you will end up looking oily.

18. Mix it with your blusher and apply it at your cheek to create that long lasting healthy glow on your face.

19. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline before applying your eye shadow to make it stay longer and make the colour more intense.

20. Apply some Vaseline at your ear lobe when you have difficulties with earring insertion.

21. Apply Vaseline on your scalp to condition your scalp, let it stay for 15 minutes and shampoo your hair.

22. Apply on scar(face or body) to prevent bacterial infection.

23. Apply a thin layer after you get a tattoo, it helps in healing and protecting the newly done tattoo.

24. Apply some Vaseline and rub it with your palm, scrunch through your hair for a messy and choppy look.

25. Apply a small amount on the ends of your hair to hide dry and split ends.

25. Mix Vaseline with powder eye shadow to create a more solid and intense eye shadow. It also prevent the powder eye shadow from getting all over your face.

26. Apply vaseline on your lips and cover your lips with a cling wrap for 5 minutes, then scrub your lisps with a toothbrush to exfoliate and they will be baby smooth.

Wow!! Look at all the amazing things you can do with Vaseline... Grab one and make it your best friend as it get quite handy when you run out of something such as your makeup remover, body lotion, moisturizer, scrub and etc.

There're alot of comments stating that Vaseline or petroleum is actually poisonous, clogged pores and etc the petroleum jelly in the market all proven safe for all its uses and i think those are just misconceptions. It has been in the market for so many years and if there were any true problems with it, we would already have seen them by know. It's okay if you disagree with me as these are solely my opinions and experiences. =)


-Do not use Vaseline on burns(including sunburns) as it will trap the heat on your skin and make the damage worse.
-Do not use Vaseline for nasal congestion or dryness because when inhaled, it might go into your lungs and cause lipoid pneumonia.
-Do not use Vaseline on any latex product such as condom as it can weaken and damage latex.

~~~Happy Trying~~~

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Etude House Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion

Went to Sungei Wang with "B" and my bffs last month. "B" forgot to lock his car so he went and check if everything was alright so the guys went and left we girls. We was standing nearby the etude house and saw that they have this great discount for all the products. It was too tempting and we went in to check it out although im not a fan of Etude House. So, i got myself a body lotion, which i'll be doing a review on now and also a shimmery eye shadow(next review). =)

Hmm, so this is how the Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion looks like.

Look at the packaging, it really has the typical Etude House cuteness look which i don't really like but you will know later why i did purchase this product. =)
In the first place, i don't understand why they called it Creamy Peach "Chou" so i went back home and googled for the meaning and here's the answer for it.

chou   (choux pl )
  (=légume) cabbage 
mon petit chou  sweetheart, my sweetheart 
  (autres locutions)  faire chou blanc  to draw a blank 
feuille de chou   (fig)  (=journal) rag 
faire ses choux gras de qch   [presse] to have a field day with sth 
 ce procès n'intéresse que les médias qui en feront leur choux gras   
 les médias font leurs choux gras des malheurs de l'actrice   
  adj inv cute 

I got the translation for this website : Reverso

Hmm, base on the translation, chou can be a "Cabbage"?? sweetheart or cute, i think sweetheart and cute is more accurate.. There's nothing to do with cabbage as i've read through the ingredient for this product. Lol!!

Here're the information from the product:
Contains Peach extract, peach kernal oil, shea butter and wheat protein for firming and to moisturize and tighten the body with a creamy chou texture.
Size : 300ml
Normal Price : RM20++

Well the reason for buying this product at that time is because i was attracted by the word "Peach", yes P-E-A-C-H. If you've read my previous post, i'm a fan of Peach and everything with peach if great for me. Too bad, Rubin dislike it and she said it smells bad. Beside's there's a 20% off for this so i purchase it at RM18, for 300ml, very reasonable rite the price.

I've been using it for almost 1 month. The nice thing about it is it smells really great, just the same like The Body Shop Peach Body Butter. The differences are, the Etude House one is less intense(texture), it's more watery and the liquid is white in colour. Does this mean that the Etude House one has no colouring and The Body Shop one has? I dont know.. =)
Ya so, i apply it at night and when i woke up in the morning, my skin does feel a lil smoother before applying it. However, it doesn't really gives much moisture for my skin.
I did a comparison between Etude House creamy peach chou and The Body Shop peach body butter and summarize as below:

The Body Shop Body Butter
-Very thick texture
-The scent stay on my skin for the whole night
-Sticky even after apply it for 1 hour
-Very moisturizing
-More expensive
-Comes in a tub (inconvenient)

Etude House Creamy Peach Chou
-Texture is thin
-Scent does not stay long on my skin, around 15 minutes only
-Dries up faster, can't feel any stickiness or tackiness
-Lightly moisturize
-Comes in a cute bottle, easier to use, just squeeze out.

So base on the above comparison, both has it's own pros and cons. So i prefer to use The Body Shop body butter at night before sleep as i stay in an air conditioned room, i need a really moisturizing body lotion to ensure my skin stay hydrated. I will never use The Body Shop body butter during the day time as i really cannot tolerate with the stickiness of it on my skin, although it gives me a really nice scent even without applying any perfume.
As for The Etude House creamy peach chou, i will use it during the day time as it can lightly moisturize my skin and protect my skin from harmful pollutants when i walk to school, and it dries up really fast on my skin and i cant feel any stickiness and it's not oily. This works great during day time as you don't want yourself end up feeling uncomfortably sticky especially when you're under the raging hot sun in Malaysia. Will i purchase this body lotion again? No, i can get something more moisturizing and at the same time, gives me a longer lasting scent on my body. Here i end my review with the pros and cons of The Etude House Cream Peach Chou body lotion. =)

-Nice peach scent
-Dries up quickly, skin does not feel sticky or tacky
-Convenient packaging

-Not moisturizing enough for me
-Effectiveness is only around 20 to 30%
-Scent does not last long on my skin

Overall Rating:

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Scrub

Here's another review on The Body Shop's products. I've got myself a Body Shop Rassion Fruit Body Scrub almost a year ago and wanted to make a review on it. So this is how it looks like:

Description from Body Shop:
Ground corncob and kiwifruit seeds do the scrubbing. Passion fruit seed oil and panthenol get to work at smoothing. If you're passionate about smooth skin, you'll use this two of three times a week.
Size : 200ml
Price : RM59.90

This is one of the best body scrub that i've ever had. I've tried alot of body scrubs of different brand but this is the only one that captures my heart until now. I love it so much that until now, no other body scrub can replace it.
The great aroma of the scrub is just nice for me and gives me a heavenly bath that i stay in the bathroom for almost an hour sometimes, LOL!! The scrub is great and just nice for body. It does exfoliate my skin effectively and i can feel the smoothness of my skin after each and everytime i uses this body scrub. Not only that, i love it when the aroma stays on my body for quite some time and it gives me a relaxing good night sleep.
Well, you should try this product if you're a person who loves bath products and scrubs. It comes in a tub and  passion fruit scrub comes in a purple colour packaging, which is one of my favourite colour. =) The texture of the scrub is something like a purple, transparent colour gel like, and you can see there's really alot of kiwi seeds for exfoliation. 

-smoothen and moisturize my skin
-does good exfoliation
-great aroma and it stays for a long time
-attractive colour

-comes a tub, which means you have to use a spatula but i didn't, i'm not a hygiene freak.
-quite pricey for a student

Overall Rating:
*1 more for the packaging and price