Saturday, 9 July 2011

L'oreal Derma Genesis Scrub

So, today's review is on L'oreal Derma Genesis Scrub. This is how it looks like..

From the descriptions, it
-Deep cleans skin
with gently purifying clay and micro-beads, it deep cleans skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin purified and residue free. Contains a natural cleansing agent, it gently deep-cleans skin and respects natural skin moisture balance.
-Smoothes skin
With BHA and micro-beads, naturally enhances daily cellular renewal to provide smoother, brighter and fresher skin.
-Non-comodegenic, won't clog pores

Visible Results: Skin is Smoother, brighter and fresher.

My Review:

To me, the scrub is quite good as the micro-beads exfoliate my skin gently and not too harsh for delicate skin. The white clay act as a purifier and it's good especially for oily skin. However, i find that the white clay is abit too strong for my skin as i feel that it's very heaty to my skin and my skin turn reddish after using, but it's back to normal after 5 to 10 minutes. 
My face feels very soft and clean after using it, but my cheeks feel really tight if i don't apply toner and moisturizer right that. I wonder is this the effect that it should have or my face is just too sensitive for this product so i asked my housemates to try it out. The result came out that 3 of them have the same effects on their skin, which is very heaty and tight after using. Maybe it's normal and it's the effect in pore tightening range. 
I will purchase this product again as it works as a scrub and clay mask for me at the same time, so i can save more time to do other stuff, like maybe throw on a hydrating mask after that. I prefer to apply the scrub on my face after cleansing, leave it for 1 minute before scrubbing my face gently. 
Try not to leave it on your skin for too long as it really make your skin feels really tight and uncomfortable if leaves on for too long. However, it's really one of the greatest mask+scrub for oily combination and oily skin. I dont think it's suitable for people with dry skin. =) The scrub look something like a white clay paste with some orangy  beads for exfoliation.
The packaging for this product is quite handy as it comes in a tube, just squeeze the right amount out and price wise, affordable for students, cost only about RM20 for 100ml. Can't really remember the exact price. It can last for like 20 to 30 times of usage. =)

-gives a gentle exfoliation
-cleanse and purify my skin
-nice smell
-my skin feels baby soft after using it
-2 in 1 (clay mask + scrub)
-reasonable price
-easily available

-Make my skin feels really really tight, need to apply toner and moisturizer right after using
-Dislike the heaty feel

Overall Rating : 

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