Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I ❤ My New Curls

Tadaa!! I got my hair permed(again)! This time is something different, bigger, fuller and bizarre(to me). Take a look at the process..

LOL I look like some typical aunty. 

Well the reason why u uploaded this pic is trying to show the aunty side of me but to let you know the way my hair is being permed coz it's something new.
The hairdresser said that she's using a new machine(which means new technology) to perm my curl and im the 3rd customer to use it. I actually dyed my hair, straightened and curled on the same day.

Talking about the perming process, she used the new technology from.. er i forgot.. She have to soak the wooden tube beforehand in hot water for 30 minutes so that the wood will absorb the moisture and thus will moisturize my hair later. Then she wrap a layer of rubber and then cap it with a plastic cap(the yellow and purple color one). Then she connect the wire which will heat up the tube(the white color cable).

Trust me, the result is really satisfying and guess what, the perming process only took like about 20 minutes and the curl is superb strong and bouncy! My hair is very moisturize after perming and look very healthy. And the i dont feel any heat during the process as the previous perming that i've done really heat my hair "kau kau" and feels like it's gonna explode! Lol.. But this one.. try it and you will know ;)

I did this at my hometown in Perak and the whole thing only cost me about RM350 which include coloring, straightening the fringe and perming. You can't get this price is KL!! If you wanna know where's the location of this salon, do drop me a message and i will let you know as i can't reveal it here as the hairdresser is my mum's friend and that's a special price for me. However, you can still get a much lower price as compared to KL which some are really cut-throat and low quality.

Wanna see the final result? Scroll down... =)

Cam-whoring with my bro

Look at the curls! i love it!

And this is with some light makeup.

That's all for today.. Thanks for reading.. XOXO❤