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Etude House Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion

Went to Sungei Wang with "B" and my bffs last month. "B" forgot to lock his car so he went and check if everything was alright so the guys went and left we girls. We was standing nearby the etude house and saw that they have this great discount for all the products. It was too tempting and we went in to check it out although im not a fan of Etude House. So, i got myself a body lotion, which i'll be doing a review on now and also a shimmery eye shadow(next review). =)

Hmm, so this is how the Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion looks like.

Look at the packaging, it really has the typical Etude House cuteness look which i don't really like but you will know later why i did purchase this product. =)
In the first place, i don't understand why they called it Creamy Peach "Chou" so i went back home and googled for the meaning and here's the answer for it.

chou   (choux pl )
  (=légume) cabbage 
mon petit chou  sweetheart, my sweetheart 
  (autres locutions)  faire chou blanc  to draw a blank 
feuille de chou   (fig)  (=journal) rag 
faire ses choux gras de qch   [presse] to have a field day with sth 
 ce procès n'intéresse que les médias qui en feront leur choux gras   
 les médias font leurs choux gras des malheurs de l'actrice   
  adj inv cute 

I got the translation for this website : Reverso

Hmm, base on the translation, chou can be a "Cabbage"?? sweetheart or cute, i think sweetheart and cute is more accurate.. There's nothing to do with cabbage as i've read through the ingredient for this product. Lol!!

Here're the information from the product:
Contains Peach extract, peach kernal oil, shea butter and wheat protein for firming and to moisturize and tighten the body with a creamy chou texture.
Size : 300ml
Normal Price : RM20++

Well the reason for buying this product at that time is because i was attracted by the word "Peach", yes P-E-A-C-H. If you've read my previous post, i'm a fan of Peach and everything with peach if great for me. Too bad, Rubin dislike it and she said it smells bad. Beside's there's a 20% off for this so i purchase it at RM18, for 300ml, very reasonable rite the price.

I've been using it for almost 1 month. The nice thing about it is it smells really great, just the same like The Body Shop Peach Body Butter. The differences are, the Etude House one is less intense(texture), it's more watery and the liquid is white in colour. Does this mean that the Etude House one has no colouring and The Body Shop one has? I dont know.. =)
Ya so, i apply it at night and when i woke up in the morning, my skin does feel a lil smoother before applying it. However, it doesn't really gives much moisture for my skin.
I did a comparison between Etude House creamy peach chou and The Body Shop peach body butter and summarize as below:

The Body Shop Body Butter
-Very thick texture
-The scent stay on my skin for the whole night
-Sticky even after apply it for 1 hour
-Very moisturizing
-More expensive
-Comes in a tub (inconvenient)

Etude House Creamy Peach Chou
-Texture is thin
-Scent does not stay long on my skin, around 15 minutes only
-Dries up faster, can't feel any stickiness or tackiness
-Lightly moisturize
-Comes in a cute bottle, easier to use, just squeeze out.

So base on the above comparison, both has it's own pros and cons. So i prefer to use The Body Shop body butter at night before sleep as i stay in an air conditioned room, i need a really moisturizing body lotion to ensure my skin stay hydrated. I will never use The Body Shop body butter during the day time as i really cannot tolerate with the stickiness of it on my skin, although it gives me a really nice scent even without applying any perfume.
As for The Etude House creamy peach chou, i will use it during the day time as it can lightly moisturize my skin and protect my skin from harmful pollutants when i walk to school, and it dries up really fast on my skin and i cant feel any stickiness and it's not oily. This works great during day time as you don't want yourself end up feeling uncomfortably sticky especially when you're under the raging hot sun in Malaysia. Will i purchase this body lotion again? No, i can get something more moisturizing and at the same time, gives me a longer lasting scent on my body. Here i end my review with the pros and cons of The Etude House Cream Peach Chou body lotion. =)

-Nice peach scent
-Dries up quickly, skin does not feel sticky or tacky
-Convenient packaging

-Not moisturizing enough for me
-Effectiveness is only around 20 to 30%
-Scent does not last long on my skin

Overall Rating:

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