Saturday, 23 July 2011

ELF Eyelid Primer

As a makeup junkie who always love to try something new I've got myself a few ELF cosmetics products online and here's one of them. The ELF Eyelid Primer. ELF offers 2 kind of eyelid primer i.e the mineral one and the normal one. I've got myself the normal eyelid primer for only RM10. 

So here it's. Very simple design and it comes in a transparent tube with a small brush for application. 

Dabbed some on my hand, as you can see, it has a skin tone like colour. 

I'm not sure whether you can see it or not from here but it dries up with a bit of colour behind and i think it's actually great to even out the skin tone. 

This is how i apply it. I dabbed some on my eyelids and blend it out with my fingertips. It dries up pretty fast. It leaves a powdery feel on my eyelids and i can feel it when i'm applying my eye shadow. It really does it works by holding my eye shadow for quite a long time. My eye shadow colour appears more intense and last longer. As this is my first eye primer, i can't really tell whether it's a good one or not as i have nothing to compare with but for now it works great for me as my eye shadow does stay longer and the color stands out more. 

-Hold my eye shadow 
-Longer lasting eye color
-Easy to apply and blend

-Only available online
-Seller who imported the product in actually earns quite alot. 

Overall Rating:

*Singapore is actually the sole distributor in Asia and they are bringing ELF to their country now. Is that a good thing? Nope!! Whenever i click on ELF website it directed me to the Asia's ELF website automatically and the prices are in Sing Dollar. They're selling it for a very unreasonable price and i actually contacted the US Elf's Manager about it and here is what the person in charge in Singapore's ELF replied to me. 

Hi Kar Yen

Mr Alan Menaged of e.l.f. USA has kindly referred your query to us.

We noted your comments on our prices as compared to USA and seek your understanding that we, as the Asian region distributors, have added costs among others such as freight, import duties, warehousing and other operational costs, not to mention the mandatory health lab tests for all products in accordance with ASEAN Cosmetics Act 2008 which was fully implemented last month.  In return our distributors and customers can be assured of the safety of the products. 

Our distributors enjoy wholesale prices for bulk purchases.  If you are interested let us know your proposal and how we can support you in your endeavours.

Thank you and send you our best wishes.

Pixie Cosmetics

 Sigh too bad rite. I wish i'm rich enough one day to be the sole distributor for this kind of cosmetic products and i will definitely offer it at a lower price.

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