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Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System

Clinique is well known for their 3-Step Skin Care System which is dermatological tested, and suitable for all skin types. I've been using this whole set of Skin Care System for almost half a year. If you're wondering what skin type do i have, feel free to check it out under my profile at the sidebar. =)

So here are the reviews of the products in the whole set. 

Step 1 : Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Information taken from the Clinique:
Cleanse deeply but gently.
Dermatologists believe soap and water cleanses best. Non drying facial soap maintains protective lipids. Leaves skin fresh, comfortable. Preps for exfoliation.
Price from counter:

My thoughts:
It's a clear, gel-type cleanser but lathers up greatly into foam. This cleanser is scentless, which is great for sensitive skin. After using this cleanser, my skin feels very light and comfortable, and it does control my sebum secretion at the T-zone. 
Talking about the packaging, it comes with a pump dispenser and two pumps is all you need to clean your face. The only thing i dislike about it is i feel that it doesn't cleanse effectively if i apply make-up although i have remove my makeup with cleansing milk beforehand. 
The price is quite reasonable for something from a counter brand. RM87.00 for 200ml is not something too pricey and it actually last for almost half a year. 

This cleanser also comes in different formula i.e :
-Bar Soap
-Extra Mild
-Oily Skin

Overall Rating : 7/10

Step 2: Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Information from Clinique:
Step 2
Exfoliate to sweep aside dulling flakes, uncover skin's natural glow. Clarifying lotion is the instant difference maker. Whisks away skin's problems. Preps it to accept moisture better. If you're new to exfoliation, or skin feels dry and delicate, ask about Clarifying Moisture Lotion.

Size :
-200ml and 400ml

RM78.00 for 200ml
RM115 for 400ml

My thoughts:
Oh my gosh, the alcohol scent is so strong and it's really annoying. The fumes from the cotton when i was applying it stings and i got choke. 
This is a clarifying lotion, they do not call it toner as it clarify the skin by swiping away dead skin cells on the surface gently. The way to apply it is by swiping across your face with a cotton pad, with only one direction.
The packaging is not that good. The bottle is somehow normal, but the screw-off cap is giving lots of trouble when opening and closing it. The hole to dispense the toner is rather big and you spill the whole bottle of toner out if you drop it on the floor before closing the cap. 
However, the function is really good as it really swipe away my dead skin cells, and my face feel refresh after that. It dries up really fast and leaves a cool sensation on my skin.
The price for this products is quite okay, RM115 for 400ml which last me for almost a year, worth it rite..
This product comes in different formula, for different skin type:
-Clarifying lotion 1
-Clarifying lotion 2
-Clarifying lotion 3

Overall Rating : 6/10

Step 3: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Information from Clinique:
Step 3
Moisturize and build a barrier against impurities.
World favourites Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion of oil-free Gel replenish, smooth, improve. Skin returns to optimal condition.

50ml, 125ml

Price :
RM87 for 50ml
RM150 for 125ml

My thoughts:
The effect is really great, as what it says, dramatically different moisturizing gel. The gel is yellowish in colour and the smell is quite pleasant, something really soft. My face feels smooth, hydrated and plump after applying it. It's rather rich gel, that moisturize my face very well and my face feels very comfortable after using it, day and night. The packaging is okay, comes with a lovely pump and only one pump is all you need for the whole face. However, it's hard for me to scrape the leftover in the bottles when it comes to very last drop as the tube/opening is quite small. It only fits one of my finger. It get absorb into my skin rather quick, maybe because i'm always in the air conditioned room. Pricing wise, it's quite pricey for student like me, but i think it worth a try as it really work wonders for my face. Besides it last for like almost half a year.
This moisturizer comes in two different formula, that is:
Gel type for Oily Skin
Lotion type for Drier Skin

Overall Rating : 9/10 

Let's talk about the whole set now.. If you ask me whether it's worth to buy it in a set or not, i will say no. The only thing that i like in this set is the moisturizer, and the worst one is the clarifying lotion, which makes me feels like applying alcohol on my face. Besides, i dont think i need to exfoliate my skin everyday with the clarifying lotion as other toner works great too, and i can use a facial scrub if want to do so.

~Valid from 1st to 14th July 2011~

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