Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review on Glamor House Bangsar

 Thanks to Khailing who suggested me a coupon deals at  for a hair colouring session + hair treatment and a basic manicure for only RM99!! It's truly an amazing experience at Glamor House!!

So basically the deal include a basic manicure worth RM50, a hair color worth RM230 and also an intensive hair treatment worth RM130 and with total worth of RM410, we only paid RM99 for it!! 

Me, Lingling, Bin and Pengpeng made an appointment and went there on Monday to redeem our treatment. We had some trouble finding the place but we made it at last and was amazed by the lovely and cozy place. It's a  bungalow like building, but they called it mansion to make it sound more glamour i think,  and nicely decorated with plants everywhere. There should be a jockey but he was late for work on the day we went for  out treatment. That was not a big deal to me as i wasn't driving.

So we was welcomed by a friendly staff, who asked us to fill in our details and some questionnaire before guiding us around the bungalow. She showed us the different section of their building, as they separate the services available at different places. 

So this is their huge bungalow-like shop, and the car park was quite limited actually. It's okay, they can manage it as they have a jockey there.

Ok so this is their waiting area if you brought your bf, gf, friends or whoever along. Wow, look at the comfy couch and LCD tv. It's just like a home. 

So the next section will be their facial room. Yes they have all sort of beauty services there. And their machinery for facial is scary, there're lots of them and i their tools are really sufficient. They provide all kind of facial treatment, for acne treatment, black spot, anti-aging and etc. They also have slimming treatment and the room look something like in the above picture too, but the room has its own bathroom so that customers do not need to walk out of the room when they need to wash off their scrub or whatever.

And this is their pedi and mani spa places with massage chair. Oh yeah.. ~massage~ .. 

 So this is their hair saloon, which is located upstairs, and before reaching this place, there is a place for kids to play for those hot mama who brought their kids along while they enjoy their spa treatment. Such a brilliant idea...

This the the area for rinsing the hair, and it's so so comfy. I like it when they cover me with the soft wool-like cover when they're rinsing my hair, unlike other saloon which use just a plain towel to cover. 

Even their washroom is nicely decorated and it's squeaky clean. I have never seen any washroom in the saloon that's so clean before. Something like a hotel standard washroom. Lol..

All the photo above are from their facebook page as i didnt take any photo during my visit. So now let's talk about their service. We was welcome by a friendly beauty consultant and she guided us through the building and to the hair saloon. Then we sit at our own place, and we was asked if we like any drink and we just asked for plain water, worrying that they might charge us for extra things. Lol! So they serve us a glass of water and a bowl of guava. Later i found out that you can order other beverages and you dont need to pay for it. 

They have two manicurist there and one of them came to me, and start my manicure session while lingling and pengpeng chose their favourite colour. I chose bright orangy red. I love my manicurist as she's very friendly and we chat while she was doing the manicure. Next a big and tall man, with heavy cigarette smell came near me and that was disgusting!! He came to let me choose my hair colour and i chose something like a purplish red. I really cant stand his smell and almost made me puke! Such a heavy smoker and i dont know his name!

I like this cute guy who did my hair, name Edwin and he's the artistic director. And i love the fringe that he cut for me. 

So the whole process took like about 3 hours, i was tempted to do their pedicure as they have 50% offer for all the services until the end of August so me and Pengpeng will go for their pedicure by end of August. 
Overall, im satisfy with their service, as they're friendly and 100% not pushy. They didnt asked us to add on anything or force us to purchase their products as this is very rare nowadays as everyone at everywhere is so hard sell. 

Pricing wise, i think it's something for the "fut tai" aka rich aunty, or some high class chick with lots of money to spend. I cant really afford their treatment if it's without the deal or 50% discount but that's the price for it at Bangsar. Really love their service and environment, very comfy, home-like, friendly and truly a great experience. Below are the price that i can remember for their treatment.

Normal Manicure RM60 after discount RM30
Normal Pedicure RM60 after discount RM30
Spa Pedicure RM120 after discount RM60
Hair Colouring RM 230
Hair Teatment RM130
Digital Perming RM380
Normal Perming RM330 

To know more you can go to their website, or facebook fan page or contact them directly. This is the map for their location, it's just at the junction right before Petronas Sation and you can see it once you've turn in. 

-Further information can be found in their facebook page or website. =)


-Not Pushy
-Very nice environment
-Nicely planned and decorated
-Offers variety of services
-Something new and different that normal saloon
-Provide comfortable waiting area with TV and comfy couch
-Concern about customers' needs 
-Car park provided and there's a jockey

-Price is a bit too high end for a student
-The french manicure is not nice due to their technique
-Bad traffic around that area

Overall Rating:

Will i go there again? Definitely YES!! =) Thumb Up for their services!!


  1. bought a voucher frm groupon for a 3 hr of pampering session frm glamour house for 98rm which includes a 30min foot bath (basically they just soak ur feet in a tub with a chinese herbal tea bag), 1hr massage (i choose aromatherapy), 1hr facial and 30mins back mask.

    the massage was bad. i was having a bad sinus and i was feeling cold, told the masseuse to turn up the temperature of the aircon, she did layan me and turned it up for awhile and after while, she lower the temperature again, and she did it so many times, and needless to say, my sinus got alot worst after tht and i was freezing. massage technique was bad. feels as tho she hurriedly massaged me and get her job done

    the girl who did my facial was much better. she noticed tht i was having a sinus and she offered me some essential oil to unblock my nose. and my face do feel more hydrated after the facial.

    all in all, i don't think i will return to this place as it wasn't a pleasant experience. by the way, i was put in a room right next to where the staffs rest, so it was really noisy.

  2. OMG I had a similar bad experience with them as well. it was one of those groupon voucher thing i bought. the moment i step into the building, there isn't anyone there. so i sat down there and waited for awhile before a really loud lady came and greet me. she then sat me down and explained to me about the package i bought, and she talks on top of her voice. I mean the usual massage places i go to, they will make you feel really relaxed and all, but this one makes your heart beat a lot faster.

    So she showed me some flyers and they were written in chinese, and i did not understand a single word, so i asked ger to explain, and she did it in a very impatient manner.

    Then comes to time for the treatment. foot bath was absolutely waste of time as it's something that we could do at home, only better.

    massage was bad as my masseuse appeared to me to be inexperienced. all she did was just rubbed oil and lots of oil on my body. didn't really feel her massaging me.

    next comes the facial. facial was basically them washing your face for you and then applying mask and a quick massage. to my disbelieve, there isnt a sink in the room i was in, so therefore, there isnt running water and all they used to wash my face with is a bucket of water!

    seriously, i think the service there is just plain bad. the building looks runned down too. not a place that i would like to return to.

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