Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I ❤ My New Curls

Tadaa!! I got my hair permed(again)! This time is something different, bigger, fuller and bizarre(to me). Take a look at the process..

LOL I look like some typical aunty. 

Well the reason why u uploaded this pic is trying to show the aunty side of me but to let you know the way my hair is being permed coz it's something new.
The hairdresser said that she's using a new machine(which means new technology) to perm my curl and im the 3rd customer to use it. I actually dyed my hair, straightened and curled on the same day.

Talking about the perming process, she used the new technology from.. er i forgot.. She have to soak the wooden tube beforehand in hot water for 30 minutes so that the wood will absorb the moisture and thus will moisturize my hair later. Then she wrap a layer of rubber and then cap it with a plastic cap(the yellow and purple color one). Then she connect the wire which will heat up the tube(the white color cable).

Trust me, the result is really satisfying and guess what, the perming process only took like about 20 minutes and the curl is superb strong and bouncy! My hair is very moisturize after perming and look very healthy. And the i dont feel any heat during the process as the previous perming that i've done really heat my hair "kau kau" and feels like it's gonna explode! Lol.. But this one.. try it and you will know ;)

I did this at my hometown in Perak and the whole thing only cost me about RM350 which include coloring, straightening the fringe and perming. You can't get this price is KL!! If you wanna know where's the location of this salon, do drop me a message and i will let you know as i can't reveal it here as the hairdresser is my mum's friend and that's a special price for me. However, you can still get a much lower price as compared to KL which some are really cut-throat and low quality.

Wanna see the final result? Scroll down... =)

Cam-whoring with my bro

Look at the curls! i love it!

And this is with some light makeup.

That's all for today.. Thanks for reading.. XOXO❤

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

♥PreLoved Stuff Clearance

Hi Babe,

Wanna let go some of my loves. I accept swapping if there's anything i like. Price nego but must be reasonable.
Price stated doesn't include postage yet.

1. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (SOLD)
-for dry to combination skin (oily T zone, dry at cheek)
-reason for selling : already have a new set of skin care
-30% left, bought at RM100+ if not mistaken
-selling for RM20  RM10 now.

2. Clinique 3-Step Skin Care trial/travel set
-for dry combination skin (means oily at T-zone, dry at cheek area)
-reason for selling : i dont need it
-Selling for RM10

3. Garnier Aqua Defence moisturizer (SOLD)
-non stop intensive moisturizing and oil free, dry touch
-reason for selling : already have a new set of skin care
-i have 2 jars, 1 used, 1 brand new and unopen.
-a) Used, 50% left - RM10
 b) New - RM20
-Take both RM25 RM20

4. Neutrogena Deep Clean cleansing milk 
-thoroughly removes all types of makeup including waterproof mascara
-soap free, oil free, alcohol free, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested(suitable for contact lens wearer)
-reason for selling : bought it during an emergency :P forget to pack my cleansing milk to a trip.
-50% left
-bought at RM29++
-now selling at RM20 RM10

5. Nano White clarifyign cleansing milk(SOLD)
-non greasy and light, very gentle.
-have a very soothing and relaxing smell
-reason for selling : bought it just to try out the feel, now already have a new skin care set
-70% left
-selling for RM10

6. Lancome Galateis Douceur(SOLD)
-It's a gentle cleansing milk for face and eyes
-dermatology and ophthalmology tested. 
-30% left, bought at RM80
-Selling at RM10

7. Bio Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Intense Eye Cream
- Hyaluronic Acid + Olive Oil + Cranberry Oil
-very moisturizing, require only a very small amount for eye area
-50% left
-bought at RM40
-My selling price : RM10

8. Mary Kay Moisturizer Set (SOLD)
-a) Moisturizer 1 - suitable for all skin type - used at first layer
-b) Moisturizer 2 - oil free hydrating gel - apply after moisturizer 1 at T-zone
-c) Moisturizer 2 - Intense moisturizing cream - apply after moisturizer 1 at cheek area that's drier
-bought whole set at RM300++
-only 10 to 15% left
- selling the whole set for RM20

 Moisturizer 1 

Moisturizer 2 for Cheek area

Moisturizer 2 for T-Zone

 9. Loreal Derma Genesis Toner(SOLD)
-Refines and tightens pores.
-50% left
-Selling for RM5

10. Egyptian Magic Cream (sold to hunnybun from LNY)
-multipurpose cream
-made of natural ingredients : olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract
-good for eczema and scars
-very moisturizing, can even be used for diaper rash for baby
-bought at RM124
-60% left.
-Selling at RM40 

11. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock(SOLD)
-SPF 50++, for face and body
-clean feel, non sticky, waterproof, dermatologist tested
-bought at RM29.
-used only twice for an event
-Selling at RM20

12. Laneige snow BB Cream 
-SPF 41PA++
-moisture essence type, with liquid crystal essence, dermatologist tested
-suitable for all skin tone and give a very healthy glowy complexion
-reason for selling : my sensitive skin cannot use BB cream
-Bought at RM120, 50% left
-selling for RM30

13. Body Shop Peach Body Mist(SOLD)
-reason for selling : too many body mist, bought to try it out only and abandon it for about 10 months now.
-90% left, bought at RM49.90
-selling at RM20

14. VICHY Normaderm Nuit (sold to hunnybun from LYN)
-Anti Imperfection + Rejuvenating care Night Cream
-30% left
-Bought at RM60
-Selling it at RM10

15. Benefit Posie Tint  (Sold to beautysal from LYN)
-bought at RM90+ at hongkong
-reason for selling : the colour not suitable for me
-60% to 70% left
-Selling for RM20

16. Daniele Renica Noe EyeShadow
-product from beaty saloon, made in Italy
-very classy and elegant shimmery color.
-still in perfect condition, swatched once
-creamy pink with gold shimmer and dark brown with silver shimmer
-reason for selling : Just bought a Shu Uemura pallete :P
-Bought it at RM88
-selling it at RM30

17. Elianto Eyeshadow
-Purple, Brown and White
-used a few times only, bought all three at RM25 last time
-Selling all three for RM10 with postage

18. IN2IT Eyeshadow
-code : ED 29 Storm
-Shimmery Silver and Black, suitable for clubbing and night out
-the brush will not be included for hygienic purposes but will give it if you request for it. =)
-70% left, letting go at RM5

19. KATE eyeshadow palette
-Shimmery Brown, Creamy gold and sky blue
-suitable for casual and day time
-the brush will not be included for hygienic purposes but will give it if you request for it. =)
-only used a few times, still in perfect condition
-letting go at RM5

20. Uptown Visions Shimmery Powder for healthy glow
-sparklin' pink and sparkin' beige
-Bought it at a Drugstore in thailand, made in USA
-only used a few times for a costume party
-letting go both at RM10

21. Stage Concealer(SOLD)
-used only a few times
-reason for selling : colour is not suitable for me
-Code : Photo creme camouflage in 06 Honey
-Selling at RM10

22. ELF Eyelid Primer  (sold to beautysal from LYN)
-reason for selling : i dont need it
-very good quality
-letting go at RM10

23. Maybelline Eye Studio 2 in 1 Impact Shadow Liner
-Dark Greem
-Brand New and sealed
-Letting go at RM10

24. Cyber Color Auto Glitter Eyeliner Pen
-in shimmery black
-30% left
-Letting go at RM5

25. Estee Lauder Lippie
-in Crystal Pink 303
-very light transparent colour
-reason for sale : dislike the color, got it as a gift
-only swatched once
-letting go at RM20

26. Samples, convenient for travel (SOLD)
-Each one for RM2 including postage
-take all for RM10 only

 Bioterm Skin-Ergetic                         Heavy Rotation BB Cream             Colgate Plax
Sign of Fatigue Recovery                   Can be used 2 to 3 times                 Bring it for travel (2 times usage)

 Estee Lauder   (SOLD)                     Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense         Nature & Co toner and moisturizer
Even SKin Tone Illuminator               Anti Freeze Serum (3 times usage)  (can be used twice)

                                                            Palmolive Aroma Therapy Body Shampoo
                                                            2 times usage

27. Elianto Nail Colour (SOLD)
-5 Elianto nail color - suitable for xmas!
-1 silky girl base coat
-letting go all at RM15 only.

28. Baviphat Mask (sold to Beautysal from LYN)
-Bought at RM100 for 3 tub, 
-Mango and Lemon mask
-selling both at RM30 only
-only used twice.

29. Loreal White Perfect duo Powder foundation(SOLD)
-code N2 Nude Vanilla
-60% left. Bought at RM60
-selling for RM10. 

30. Etude House Cream Peach Chou
-peach body lotion, 70% left
-bought for RM30
-now selling RM10