Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

     *Ahem* Please ignore the dirty clothes on the floor, im quite a messy person :P Let's get back to this review. One of Dermalogica's best products is their gentle scrub known as Daily Microfoliant. It's so gentle to the skin that it can be used daily. It's formualated with a skin brightening complex of aspergillus, grape fruit and liquorice that help to balance uneven skin pigmentation. It also uses smoothing blend of green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal that helps calm skin, leaving it extraordinarily clear and refreshed. Ah did u see "Oatmeal"? Yes i;ve told u in my previous post that Oatmeal is one of the best and gentle cleansing agent plus it's natural. Thumb up.

     Having to pay so much for this product, i will definitely be a little more fussy on their product's quality and packaging. I personally dislike the dispenser as it can get quite messy and it's hard to control the amount needed. There should be a better way for dispensing the fine powder. 

   Lalala.. Slowly pour some of the powder out...

     As you can see, it comes in powder form and it's very fine. Looks like fine rice powder. It's a unique powder that activates upon contact with water and releases papain, salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate our skin. 

Directions of use:
  • Dispense half a teaspoon of Daily Microfoliant into very wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together.
  • Apply to face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area.
  • Massage gently for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Follow with Multi-Active Toner or Soothing Protection Spray and your prescribed Dermalogica moisturizer.

     The rice powder turns into a foamy texture when you rub it with wet hand and i don't like it when it's too dry after rubbing it at my face so i'll add a lil more water to make it wetter and more foamy. It's a little soapy i don't know why and because of this i sometimes skip my cleanser and straight away jump to this step after removing my makeups. 

     This product contains no artificial coloring or fragrance. It smells like a mixture or rice powder and clothes detergent to me and the smell stays on at my palm for quite some time. I have an oily combination skin and my mum has dry skin, and it's suitable for both of us. 

     It's a gentle scrub that is made for daily use but i use it only once or twice a week because of the extravagant price, retail price RM225 for 75g but it can last for quite long. You can get it at a cheaper price at any online shop and the one that I know and trustable is E-Garden

     I can see that my skin is more radiant and smoother after using this scrub, and it doesn't irritate my skin. I can't stop touching my skin after everytime i used this scrub as it leaves my skin baby soft. My skin doesn't feel tight after using it and thus it's very gentle. This is definitely a good scrub for those of you that can afford it out there. =)

-Gentle and doesn't irritate my skin
-Free from fragrance and color
-Visible result, more radiant and smooth skin
-One can go a long time
-Soapy and can be used as a gentle scrub and cleanser at the same time. 2 in 1

-Inconvenient packaging
-Smells like detergent

Overall Rating:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Idemisse Facial

     This is a beauty review about another Facial Saloon, Idemisse. I got 2 vouchers from some time ago and pulled Hun along for a facial at Idemisse, located at Times Square. The beautician welcome us and serve us with a cuppa hot tea and began and consultation session-the nail-biter session

So here's what written at the website about the deal:

  • 91% off Crystal Jade 5 Elements Facial (60 mins) @ Idemisse for RM28 instead of RM298!

  • Treat yourself with Idemisse’s relaxing and unique facial treatment

  • Uses 5 elements oil:
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Marl

  • Benefits of the facial:
    • Firming and radiance
    • Face shaping and lifting
    • Reduces open pores
    • Accelerates repair of aged cells
    • Enhances the blood and lymph circulation
    • Reduces dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation

  • Uses Swiss made products

  • Both women and men are welcomed!

  • Get additional RM100 cash voucher (redeemable on courses/products)

  •      Upon consultation, the consultant(the boss) said that the 5 element facial is not suitable for my skin condition as i have slight acne and also white heads around my cheek area and thus she asked me to upgrade my facial to a suitable one, which need to top up another RM68 for it. As for Hun, she said his skin is ok for she treatment as it's for people without any acne, like him.

         It's unfair. Why people like who who try so hard to take care of my face have so many skin problems like acne and white heads but the one that didnt wash his face before going to bed has smooth and beautiful skin! Argh!! Ok forget bout it.. enough of the dramatic session.

         Let's get back to the topic. =) The facial started with double cleanse, then facial scrub, extraction, eye brow shaping, ampoule, facial massage and mask. I dislike their service and they hire non malaysian to do the facial for us, which means that they did not attend any beautician school and i dont think they have a valid certificate to be a beautician. Not to say that they can't even speak proper mandarin. I think they were trained by the boss herself only and have not recognize. The one that did the facial for me is a Thai or a Cambodian and the one that did the facial for Hun, was trying to communicate with English but we scratch our head when she speaks. Sounded like Tamil. =.=

         Their facial is definitely not a professional one. We're not asked to change our attire before we started our facial and just lie on their bed with my short skin and own shirt which is very uncomfy! They didnt massage me at all, the i still feel tensed after the facial session. =( a bad one!

         As for honey's 5 elements facial, i can't see any differences at the before and after as they said the 5 element facial will help in lifting and also make the face look slimmer. Another marketing  strategies to cheat Aunties....

         After the facial they recommended me some products and they're very pushy. Anyhow i bought something from them. Bought a Dermedex trial pack which consist of Biotox Refining Cream which is good for acne and scars and also Biotox Cleaner, and also Idemisse Hyaluronic Moist.

            The trial pack cost me RM22 and the Hyaluronic Moist cost me RM68(original price is RM168) as there's a discount voucher worth RM100 from the deal. The Dermedex Trial Pack is worth trying and the result is ok, it soothes my skin. As for the Hyaluronic Moist, i can feel that my face is more hydrated and less tight after applying it.

         Their products was ok but definitely not their service. Their facial room is very small and the environment is so so..

    -Friendly beautician
    -Less whiteheads after treatment

    -painful extraction
    -no special attire to change during facial session
    -no shoulder massage
    -not relax
    -very small room and no aroma scent
    -the room is hot
    -i dislike the non Malaysian beautician
    -very very pushy



    Overall Rating:

    Simple Oatmeal Face Cleanser

         We face abundance of chemicals everyday, from water and air pollution to pesticides in our food. Many people will opt for natural and organic products in order to maintain a healthy body. What about our skin care product? Aren't you tired of all the products out there made of chemicals and most of them even contain harsh ingredients that can cause reactions if you have a sensitive skin. Why not try a natural face cleanser that's very handy and can be reached within your kitchen-The oatmeal face cleanser.

    Why oatmeal? 
         It's one of the best natural ingredients for skin care, especially for those with sensitive skin or eczema. The compound found in oatmeal called avenanthramides helps in soothe and relieving types of skin irritation and inflammation. It also contain saponins, which is good for its cleansing properties as it has foaming characteristics. Oatmeal is highly absorbent and it can absorb the impurities from our skin and thus unclogging the clogged pores without drying our skin. The most important thing is that oatmeal is easily available and it's very cheap.

     How to make your oatmeal cleanser?
         You can use the oatmeal as is in its rolled, flake form or grind it up to make your colloidal oatmeal. Take a handful of oatmeal, grab it with your palm and run them under warm water so that it gets soaked up until it's soft. Squeeze out the excessive water gently onto another palm and rub it on your face without wasting all the benefits in it.
         Start by applying the moisten oatmeal onto your face, rubbing it in circular motion. The bad thing in this is that it can get quite messy and dirty but with all the beauty benefits it gives, just bear with it. Rub it for about one minute and then rinse it off with luke warm water, pat dry your face with a soft towel and apply your moisturizer.
         other option is to make your colloidal oatmeal by grinding the oatmeal into fine powder with a food processor. Just take a sufficient amount, with it mix some water into a paste form and gently massage it all over your face. The benefit is that it also act as an exfoliant in helping to slough off dead skin cells. Ground oatmeal is more readily absorbed into your skin, so it can quickly soothe irritated skin and fight inflammation.

    Handy Tips:
    1. Put a strainer in my sink or strain it up first with a strainer as oatmeal will become think with the presence of water and cause sink drains.
    2. Store your oatmeal in your bathroom so that you will not forget your oatmeal cleanser everytime you want to wash your face.
    3. Store your oatmeal in an air tight container in the bathroom to avoid damp air from getting into it as it will promote the growth of bacteria.
    4. Use it to replace your daily facial cleanser and you can see visible result in just one day and i ensure that your skin condition will improve within 1 week of usage, day and night.

    P/S: You might fall in love with this natural cleanser and dump your facial cleanser aside!!  

    1. Easily available
    2. Cheap
    3. Prevent clog pores
    4. Good cleansing agent
    5. Natural and free from chemicals
    6. Can soften the skin
    7. Pleasant smell

    1. Can get very messy when using it
    2. Hard to clean off after use
    3. Can clog sink if not treated properly
    4. Not convenient esp for travelling

    Hope you guys like it and thanks for reading.. XOXO

    Monday, 22 August 2011

    120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette

       Wow at last!! I jumped with joy this morning upon receiving my Manly Eyeshadow parcel from the postman. I ordered it last Thursday and took 5 days to receive it. maybe they start processing it on Friday, and Sunday is a public holiday.

       I've ordered this Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette from for RM59.95 exclude deliveries charges. It's a promotional price as the normal price they are selling is RM79.95. They charged RM5.00 for pos laju deliveries. Well, you can also purchase the same product from any other website and the other i've found is but they are selling it at a higher price-RM95.00, hmm alot thou..

    Here's the packing I've received and im gonna show u guys how is't packed. = )

    Pos Laju Pakage with a Fragile Sign

    The box is wrap with a bubble wrap.. which can protect it from breaking.

    Once unwrapping the bubble wrap. Yes "Manly Eyeshadow" sounds real awful and i wonder why they use this name.

    Another layer of bubble wrap again.. Keep it real safe.. 

    Ew, the ugly box. but look at the inside of it~

    Once you open it up..

    They stack it together, this is not how it supposed to look when u open it up. I put the upper stack up.
    How gorgeous! Muah~~Love the colours~~

    Yes they wrap both the stack of eyeshadows with a layer of thin plastic. There's another hard plastic cover above each stack of eyeshadows so that u can protect the eyeshadows when u stack then together.

    The Upper Stack - A huge range of Blue, Green and Yellow

    Yes they have this cute mixture of colour.

    The second stack of eyeshadow. A range of Black-Silver, Blue-Green, Purple, Pink, Red, and Soft tone.
    Yes the last one at the bottom is GOLD!! whee!! ; )

         Manly eyeshadow is actually a brand from Hong Kong. U can also find it on e-bay and alot of other website but the websites i mentioned above are for Malaysian online-shoppers. There's no outlet available yet in Malaysia.

         What i really really like is they have both shimmering and matte eyeshadows in this palette which is really good so that u can have either matte or shimmering eye makeup depends on the occasion. This is a really good palette with a wide array of colours, good quality and pretty cheap. The colour is very pigmented and you'll just need a soft swipe on it to get the colour out-which means it'll last long!!  However u need to becareful not to press it to hard with your finger or makeup brushes as the eyeshadow tends to be very soft and powdery. 

    Look at the beautiful colours. Just a soft swipe and this is the colour you'll get. Amazing isn't?
    And look at that gorgeous gold colour.. That pink on my fingertip is a matte colour.

    The yellow-perfect for summer makeup and real funky..

           So yeah, that's it. My Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette with only RM65.95 include postage. Good quality, affordable price and gorgeous colours! I've started using it for a few times and i can say that the color stays on the whole day, and it does not crease at the end of the day. Only a little amount is needed and the color stands out a lot just swiping a small amount on. Overall, i'm very satisfied with the product and also the quality. 

    -Very cheap
    -good quality
    -comes in both shimmery and matte colors
    -very pigmented
    -good for beginner and also professional use
    -wide range of color to choose from

    -need to purchase online
    -the eye shadow is quite soft, need to handle is gently
    -not easy to remove once applied, hard to do correction

    Overall Rating:

    Laneige Snow BB Cream

         I'm not fan of BB Cream but i was tempted to try out the Laneige BB Cream when i was looking for a sun block at Laneige Counter in Mid Valley. The promoter asked if i want a sun block with sheer coverage or without and i said the one with coverage will be better. She recommended me Laneige Snow BB Cream with SPF of 41.

         The color of the BB Cream is nice and it goes well with all skin color. There're 2 types to choose from, the one with matte finish and one with some shimmery effect and i chose the one with shimmery effect which makes my skin looks healthier.

    Cute packaging, with some snowy effect at the box.

    Comes with SPF41

    Comes in a tube form, easy to use.

    Just a small amount i needed for coverage.

         This product smells great when you apply it. It gave quite a lot of coverage, blended well with my skin color and my skin looks very nice and healthy, even my course mate compliment me for the healthy lookin skin. However, my nightmare began after using it for about 2 weeks, everyday. I can see more whiteheads on my cheek and it clogged my pores although i clean my face thoroughly every night. I didn't know the reason why at first until i discover that BB Cream actually clog pores thus i try to stop using it for awhile and my skin condition improved a lot. 

         So for now, i've abandoned my first and ever BB Cream, only using it occasionally when i need a good coverage for special occasion but i'm afraid that it will clog my pores again so i will make sure that i clean my face thoroughly by double cleansing, scrub and apply a layer of clay mask. So dearies, i advice all of you if you really need to use BB Cream, make sure you use it as little as you can and clean your face thoroughly at night before going to bed. 

         I will definitely not opt for any BB Cream anymore even some of my friend told me how great some of the BB Creams are. I'll just stick back to normal sun block and if i need any coverage i will just pat on some foundation, at least it won't clog my pores. 

    Price : RM 115.00
    Size : 50ml

    -good coverage
    -even our my skin tone
    -nice smell
    -make skin looks more radiance

    -clog pores

    Overall Rating:

    Sunday, 21 August 2011

    Beauty Works, Bukit Jalil


    I've got myself a Beauty Works deal from Groupego a few months ago. I bought myself too many deals til that i forgot about this Beauty Work voucher and when it's near expiry, it's during my final exams! Argh!! I thought i couldn't redeem this deal as i paid RM50 for 2 times of facial treatment but i decided to give it a try by calling Beauty Works and asked if they could extend the deal or not. I'm overjoyed when they said they can do it for me and asked if i would like to make any appointment or not first as their weekends are always fully booked.

         So i went for the treatment last week (2 weeks after expiry  =D ) together with Hun, as i got myself another free facial treatment for liking their facebook page. We went there on the weekend and surprisingly, that are is very quiet, almost like a dear town with only a few cars park at the parking lot. Ok nvr mind. Doesn't matter..

         Beauty Work uses Sothys Product from Paris, need not to say, it's one of the best facial products in the market. The facial last about 2 hours with a short consultation. Hun's treatment was a normal facial, just cleanse, exfoliate and a simple mask, without any massage but no complaint - it's a free facial.

         As for me, i was asked if i would like to top up another RM70 to try their intensive facial and i was tempted to try as they said they will add a few more steps and products in the facial. My facial started with double cleanse, next, they rubbed a layer of "crystal" i don't know what's that but they called it crystal, which is the first step of the intensive treatment, and then followed by steamer. Next she added the step 2 product and it melts the crystal which will be absorbed into my skin and then soften the white heads. After massage the product til fully absorb, she started the extraction part. She didn't extract much as she said she do not want my face to look very reddish. After extration is the facial massage, shoulder massage and then followed by a mask.

         So i paid RM95 (RM25 from voucher and top up another RM70) and i wasn't contended with the treatment. The facial was very simple, not as intensive as i think. Not much of result and i don't feel relax at all. They did not use any machine on my face, not even the sterilizing machine after extraction. The facial massage was ok, but the shoulder massage was horrible, below the par.

         The normal price for a normal facial is quite high, not really affordable for student. The package that the beautician told me was RM299 for 1 times of intensive facial (buy 1 free 1) so each treatment is about RM150. The beautician was very friendly and not so pushy, and asked if i would like to purchase their gentle exfoliation scrub or not as it's good for my skin and asked if i would like to sign for any package or not. I said i will consider it and will tell them in my next visit, as the voucher that i bought is entitle for 2 facial treatment.

         Overall, im not satisfied with the treatment as it's below my expectation. You can go there for a trial and if you like simple facial then it's ok but i opt for a relaxing and effective facial. You can get a free trial facial by liking their facebook page at this link and if they send you an email to your facebook inbox, then you can try out their simple facial for free. One of the beautician also told my Hun that if he recommend 10 friends to the facial and he will get a facial treatment for free. 

    Their weekends are always fully booked so make appoiment in advance.

    Beauty Works
    No. 7-19M, Jalan 14/15SB,
    Taman Esplanad,
    57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 016-2300101

    Ambiance :


    -Uses Sothys Product
    -Friendly beautician
    -Friendly and not very pushy
    -Nice ambiance

    -Uneffective intensive facial
    -Feels like McD(fast food), means a very fast and simple facial
    -Quite expensive
    -Not relaxing, bad massage
    -Not worth it

    Overall Rating:

    Friday, 19 August 2011

    My Lip Stuff - Lip Balm

    Came across this website selling natural hand made lip balm online, which was recommended by Cleo Magz. Browse through the website and fall in love with the Lip Balm that has over 400 flavors to choose from! Wow... That's the most I've heard so far, and i love the packaging, simple and cute.. "wonder why my friend said it looks cheap". Yes it's cheeap, only RM12 for a tube but it doesnt look cheap at all.

         The balm goes on oily-smooth, and feels like there's an oily layer on my lips, so on my first impression it wasn't too great. However, that oiliness goes off after awhile. It's a really good product and i love using it at night because i'll wake up to a supple lips-no more chapped lips! =)

         The scent is obvious the minute you apply the balm but as to my disappointment, it disappears rather quickly. However it really does it work as a lip balm and you can see result in just one night. Why not for RM12 instead of the fancy expensive brand out there like Burt's Bee or The Body Shop lip balm which cost quite alot. =)

          Here are the natural ingredients used to make the balm:
    Sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and essential flavor oil-all are very moisturizing ingredients for skin.

    And yeah, now you can get this locally!! no need to go through all the hassle to get these all the way from the US.

    If you are already eager to get your hands on them, here's where you should head on to --> My Lip Stuff Malaysia. You can get more information about the lip balms and flavors reviews from this website.

    I got my lipbalm in just 2 days and it was bubblewrapped nicely. How nice of you, Cynthia! =)

    Cute packaging. That's a Name card of the seller with a lovely message at the back.
    Thank you Cynthia! =)

    Nightime-My Fav out of all.. 
    Description from the Website:Just like our aromatherapy bath salts: Lavender, Rose, & Orange to help with sleepless nights
    Very strong scent of Lavender and you can taste the taste of Lavender actually. Very relaxing and calming esp when apply at night before sleep. 

    Butt Naked - Funny Name
    Description from Website : Butt Naked is a refreshing mix of green apple, honeydew, & spicy pear.
    Can't smell any Green apple and i dont know what's the smell of spicy pear. Smell a bit like honey dew and chewing gum. 

    Sex On the Beach - The cocktail =)
    Description from Website : This one smells just like the drink! Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Peach, & Vodka.
    I cant smell any orange, pineapple and peach but Berries. =)

    Healing-the one that i like least.
    Description from Website:Just like our aromatherapy bath salts: Lime, Eucalyptus, & Tea Tree to help cleanse & purify the body.
    i was looking for one with green tea flavors but misread tea tree as green tree. Have a very strong scent of lime and tea tree but at the same time, smells like detergent for toilet and floors but it's fine with me. =)

    So this is how the balm look. 

    -environmental friendly
    -very moisturizing
    -moisture really last very long
    -nice scent and lotz of flavors to choose from
    -cheap and effective

    -too oily
    -scent disappears rather fast
    -some of them doesn't really smell like the ingredients mentioned
    Overall Rating:

    Thursday, 18 August 2011

    Beaute Mart - Egyptian Magic Cream

         I've wrote a review on Egyptian Magic Cream which i've purchased online and you can read the review here --> Egyptan Magic Cream Review

         So what about this post? Hm... i'm gonna tell you what happened to the cream. If you've read my earlier post about Egyptian Magic Cream, i said that they've deleted my complaints on their facebook wall post. They responded to me last week. Do you know why? Here i'm gonna tell you guys but it's better if you read my previous post about Egyptian Magic Cream Review.

          The jar stated that we can be fully refunded if we're not satisfy with the product, by returning the hald remaining tub of cream to the seller. I've contacted the seller which is Beauty Mart and wrote a post on their wall poast regarding about this but they deleted my post and doesnt repond to my complaints.

         I was very angry and wrote a review on Egyptian Magic Cream. After that, something crossed my mind. "Tadaa!!" Why not complaint to the main website of Egyptian Magic Cream from USA!! It's not about the refund but it's about the bad service of the Malaysia's Egyptian Magic Cream seller!

         So i've lodge a complaint at the USA webpage and they responded to me in just one day and asked me to send an email to their customer service and complaint to the e-mail provided. After that Beauty Mart responded and sent an e-mail to me within hours after i've complaint to the US customer's service! You can see the message between us in the following attachment..

    So basically this was what happened. I really dislike this kind of seller who ignores customer's complaints and then give all sort of nonsense and reason after that. When customers complaint to the main seller, they responded in just a few hours. So dearies, know your rights. Customers are always right! Please don't get cheated by those irresponsible seller.

    Thank for reading.. XOXO

    Monday, 15 August 2011

    Follow Me Holistic Spa Body Shampoo

    Went to Giant with Bin and Khailing few weeks ago and there was this Aunty Promoter who recommend me this  body shampoo. Fell in love with it once i smell it but i didnt buy it as i still have lotz of body shampoo at home..

    The smell keep lingering in my mind and i cant stand it.. Love the smell and i want it so much so i bought it at Midvalley Carrefour yesterday!! Hahaha..

    I wonder why Jusco and Watsons are not selling this awesome Body Shampoo. Definitely a must have for those who loves spa and relaxing smell.





         The "relax" one is the best among all of them. This is the one that will give you the spa like feel when you're using it. The other 3 smell like ordinary body shampoo, nothing special. RM16.50 for 1000ml, worth trying! The "relax" one smells like a mixture of lemongrass and lavender flower thus giving a very nice and relaxing scent.

         I don't use it everyday the reason why is because if you use it everyday, you'll get bored with the same smell and the next time you use it, it will not give you any of the relaxing feel anymore. Besides it's not soapy and it you have a sweaty day, i don't think this body shampoo will be good enough. Anyway, give it a try.. Really helps in relaxing your mind. You can use it with your loofah so that it's more soapy and foamy or pump it in your bath tub for a warm and spa like treatment at home. =) 
    -Very relaxing smell
    -Very big bottle, can last long
    -Easily available
    -Comes with a pump dispenser

    -Not soapy and thus not effective in cleaning your body after a long day outside

    Overall Rating: