Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Scrub

Here's another review on The Body Shop's products. I've got myself a Body Shop Rassion Fruit Body Scrub almost a year ago and wanted to make a review on it. So this is how it looks like:

Description from Body Shop:
Ground corncob and kiwifruit seeds do the scrubbing. Passion fruit seed oil and panthenol get to work at smoothing. If you're passionate about smooth skin, you'll use this two of three times a week.
Size : 200ml
Price : RM59.90

This is one of the best body scrub that i've ever had. I've tried alot of body scrubs of different brand but this is the only one that captures my heart until now. I love it so much that until now, no other body scrub can replace it.
The great aroma of the scrub is just nice for me and gives me a heavenly bath that i stay in the bathroom for almost an hour sometimes, LOL!! The scrub is great and just nice for body. It does exfoliate my skin effectively and i can feel the smoothness of my skin after each and everytime i uses this body scrub. Not only that, i love it when the aroma stays on my body for quite some time and it gives me a relaxing good night sleep.
Well, you should try this product if you're a person who loves bath products and scrubs. It comes in a tub and  passion fruit scrub comes in a purple colour packaging, which is one of my favourite colour. =) The texture of the scrub is something like a purple, transparent colour gel like, and you can see there's really alot of kiwi seeds for exfoliation. 

-smoothen and moisturize my skin
-does good exfoliation
-great aroma and it stays for a long time
-attractive colour

-comes a tub, which means you have to use a spatula but i didn't, i'm not a hygiene freak.
-quite pricey for a student

Overall Rating:
*1 more for the packaging and price

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