Saturday, 23 July 2011

L'oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation

L'oreal Paris Cosmetics launched a new line of whitening foundation fir Asian Skin-the White Perfect Duo Foundation that comes in powder and liquid form. I wasn't a great foundation person so i did some research before getting myself a foundation and most answers say that people with oily skin should go for a powder foundation. I was attracted by the L'oreal Whitening Foundation as there was a sales and the promoter was there to promote the product.

Price : Approximately RM60
Size : 7.5g

The powder has 2 different tone, top one is lighter and shimmery, which can be used to highlight features and the lower one is matte. It's available in 4 shades i.e. the Apricot Ivory, Nude Vanilla, Vanilla Ivory and Golden Caramel. I got myself the Nude Vanilla shade.

It says that this Duo Powder Foundation supposed to provide a long-lasting with pearly radiance effects. It's packed with Vitamin C, melanin-block and SPF18 to prevent skin darkening, brown spot and ageing.

To my horror, the foundation makes my face look cakey and dry after a thin application, and it doesn't have tha pearly radiance as stated but instead i look like a dead vampire with dull and ugly face. I've read a few positive reviews on the product before i purchase it and now i totally disagree with them.

The powder makes my face looks dehydrated, unhealthy, cakey and it's so unnatural. The shimmery foundation at the top doesn't give me that nice healthy glow but look like a cheap shimmering powder instead. =(

I regretted for purchasing this product so i end up keeping it for almost a year now and it cost me bout RM60 for this foundation which i think it's not worthy for the results that it gives. I tried to use it as a finishing powder sometimes but the effect is just not to my liking. e

I'm trying to finish this foundation fast so that it's not wasted. Can't give it away as non of my friends is suitable for the shade that i've bought. What i did with the powder foundation now is by applying the foundation with a dampen sponge and it actually appears less cakey and the coverage is not too bad. However, i will definitely not purchase any L'oreal foundation again and will try to save more to get a better one next time.

-Nice packaging
-Comes with a mirror

-Bad coverage
-Cakey, bad finishing
-Doesn't worth the price
-Makes my skin looks dry and dull
-Causes some breakout

Overall Rating:

Definitely a wrong choice and decision for me. =(

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