Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review on London Weight Management

Does it look familiar to you? Yes it's London Weight Management, the utterly bad slimming centre. It's a hell! Do not get cheated by them, they offers variety of package, for students, aunties and etc but you can actually get a student package even if you're an aunty as they eagerly want to earn your money! 
Yeah, again i've bought the voucher for a slimming treatment at only RM10 but the experience was really bad. My housemates actually went first before me, and they complaint about their bad service and bad experience. We actually lodge a complaint at London Weight Management but they didnt get back to us nor reply. I also lodge a complaint at the website where i've bought this voucher and they said they've declare the problem. 

Please do not get cheated by their packages. When you tell them that you dont have that much of money, they will offer you another package and it gets cheaper and cheaper. Initially the package cost RM2k over, they then offer another package at RM1k and then RM500. Ridiculous! And the result is not really visible is 5 session. One of my friend when there for the whole treatment in a package, for 10 times, yes she slim down but back to her size after some time. 

I don't really want to talk about my friends and my experience at London Weight Management. If you wish to know more, this is the link where alot of people have bad comments about their service and i swear the beauty consultants are really scary! Just like a witch that make you feel miserable and down!! The comments are true and if their service is not that bad, they why so many people out there writing bad reviews on them right?  


If this's something that you want, please practise a healthy diet plan, eat moderately and healthily, more vegetable, less meat and oil. Exercise plays an important role too. Exercise regularly and you will find that you're feeling healthier. Stop wasting money at all those slimming center which doesn't guarantee good result. 

Ambience: 7/10
Service : 3/10
Effectiveness : 2/10


  1. Hi. I just went for a trial at LWM in Farrer Park Singapore last 22nd of July 2011. I just wanna try it out, just for the experience. I felt I was not treated well because I did not sign up, even if I wanted to, I was straightforward with the consultant that I am in Singapore for vacation and it's my sister who supports my stay financially. The sadness was so transparent on the LWM's consultant's face knowing that I'm a hopeless sale, no cash on hand, no credit card, no debit card. Moreover, I was once weighing 88kilograms and went down to 65 by following a rigid diet that's why I know I need not spend to slim down. Still, I took advantage of the treatment inclusive of the $18 my colleagues and I have paid individually. I believe I was left inside the warm blanket for too long, about an hour and a quarter after merely applying salt over me and that was called "lavender scrub"? after that I was told to take a shower (WAS NEVER TOLD TO REST LIKE WHAT LWM CLAIMED THAT THEY DID). I was asked if I felt giddy, I said No. At that moment though I felt so exhausted maybe because of the water loss. Inside the shower room, I did pass out. I was aware when my vision was getting dim. I held on to the towel rail and it collapsed with me on the floor. I did not know how long I was unconscious, when I woke up I was lying on the floor with blood all over. I now have bandage on the mid part of my forehead covering an 8-stitched 2'3-inch cut with all the painful bruises in my body. I appreciate how some of the ladies showed empathy but the total experience made me pity myself. I still have to visit my doctor in the next few days to check the wound. LWM paid the bill when I was rushed to the clinic where I got the cut stitched. They also refunded us the amount we paid for having the dressing changed and additional medications given. We felt bad when we were told by the branch manager that for the third request for refund and beyond, it has to be sent to their main office and is "SUBJECT FOR APPROVAL". My sister and I were so surprised because we were not expecting to hear it since they have messaged us once that they will cover all the expenses related to what happened to me and the refund will be immediate. It pains me more when they try to put the blame on me, saying "maybe she did not eat before the treatment" "she did not declare that she has low blood pressure (there was not a preliminary question about blood pressure and BP changes so they might wanna include getting their clients' BP before proceeding to any treatment, plus the lady who accompanied me inside the surgery room might have gotten the idea when she heard my blood pressure was so low before they begun stitching, which was expected since I bled a lot) and also when they would claim that I told to rest before taking a shower after the warm blanket session
    which was not true, I was prompted to stand right away, was handed a towel and was told to take a shower right then and there. The scar cream sure is expensive and I hope LWM would cover for it, atlest help me get rid of the scar that will remind me of the painful and terrible experience. I was never inconvenienced like this in my entire life. Writing this helps me vent out, though words seem not enough to convey how bad I'm feeling inside.

    1. I feel so bad when i read your story. I hope you are getting well soon and may time heal your wounds and one day forget about this terrible incident. I just went to LWM this afternoon just now. Paid the RM50 deposit as well due to their persuasion. After reading all of you girls experiences and comments, I have changed my mind. (was initially planning to take the 5 times for RM500) not gonna answer their calls at all.

      Me and my friend did the free trial as well at Midvalley. When we got there, as usual they'll assign you a consultant. After taking shots of my body and showing you how fat you are and you are at the maximum weight for your height, they'll insist that you sign their package. I told them I am a student, cant afford RM7k for 20times. So she gave me 10 times for RM12++ which i said no. She kept asking how much deposit are you able to pay NOW. I said NONE and NO. Then 5 sessions for RM500. Promotion for today only with your friend. I said NO. From there, her attitude and behaviour towards me was obviously not friendly anymore. My weight that time was 55.1kg(after lunch at Kim Gary). After consultation she weigh me again and i was 54.6kg.
      When I got into the steam room, I couldn't breathe and my heart was beating so fast I thought it will pop out. Maybe its just me not used to such extreme steam room. (My friend enjoyed it and even had a nap. LOL. When i came out, i felt so dizzy. So she gave me a glass of water. Then continued to the scrub session and hot blanket. I seriously did not enjoy the hot blanket. (maybe it really is for slimming and water retention). Nevertheless, after that, even while lying down i felt so dizzy and drained. She told me to rest for 10minutes before taking a bath. She then weigh me and I am 53.1kg.(LOST 1.5KG) was so happy and freakin' thirsty as well. That was why i wanted to continue with them,lucky that my friend showed me all this comments, am never going back there. After the hot blanket, I did the instrument thing to so call break down fats. She said was vibration but it felt to me like mild currents. So, that was my experience there after getting a free goodie bag. The funny thing is, on my way home after that, i drank one bottle of water. After i reached home i weigh myself, I am 54.4kg!my original weight. LOL.
      All i have to say to all the girls out there is, be smart. Always know how to answer them and think quick.

  2. Omg, im sorry to hear that. How can they leave you in the hot blanket for more than an hour, i mean for sure you'll be dehydrated. I had the hot blanket session for like bout 20 mins only, and such a short time already make me feel very uncomfortable... I felt a lil dizzy and headache when i was in the shower room but i regain my consciousnesses after taking a deep breathe. They're so rude and when shit happens what they know is only point finger. What a shame...

    And dear, wish you recover soon... and just to let you know, next time when you're being asked to sign for package or whatever, you just tell them you wanna have your first trial before making any decision. By this, they will serve you nicely in order to temp you to sign their package but you can still say no after your whole trial session. If you told them you're not goin to sign any package or you dont have any cards, then they will just treat you badly and unprofessionally throughout your whole session..

  3. I also have the same experienced, for those who bought from groupon, pls remember don ever join their member ship and pay for any further treatment! I was so regret as I never read this review before go start my trial! when I start walk in, they also let me wait then only go into the room weigh and start body analysis.During consultation time, they keep pursued u to join the membership as they say is for whole life and keep mention the voucher i bought fr grouon is just basic treatment and u can't any result, if i join member I get the package A and package B and then 3 more free tratment and bla bla bla...then i so stupid and join the member! after the first day of the treatment, they say i lost around 2 kg and 17.6 cm...but guess, when i go bac home ang weighed, it still remain the same lol...this show they are not honest alr...and for second matter, when i go back home and check the details of my groupon, i found out that what the groupon provide is same as what they do for my first treatment, so i call back and ask them, then they say the staff key in wrong data, so they will give me back the treatment, I feel cheated then I told them I wana give up my membership guess what they say, they say the groupon treatment have little not same and they cannot refund as what i predict alr then they say i can rebund by getting their product. I think they say ok i rather get the product instead of keep pay to continue for the treatment and being cheated by them..u know what they say, I have to buy 10 box of express coffee, or 10x slimming cream, instead of getting back my rm 500, i still need to pay rm 900 to get 10x box of coffee, damn crazy pls, read reveiw before go to do any treatment, thats what i learned alr...Don ever believe london weight manangement team, they just want money money money, they don care what ur result, and they only wil cheat ur body result, pls believe!!!!!!

  4. Okay, I just went through this ordeal yesterday,

    I believe I am a person of strong will but I caved in to them in the end. I am really fat, almost 20 kgs overweight and lazy to work off my fats by exercising.

    After two hours or so of persuading me, the consultant offered me $300 for a total of 9 treatments, with upgrade to don't know whatever the hell special treatments, after telling me I need 4-5 sessions of continuous treatments. Which I know is a load of bull. Even after insisting that I have no money, which is true because I was greedy for the free sessions and the 3 meal plan they have. The consultant bombarded me "nicely" and said that paying a deposit, she will reserve the special offer for me.

    But in the end, I got ripped off of $53.50 ($10.70 through debit card and $42.80 in cash) for their supposedly free treatment. They asked me for my cards and I could hear them trying to swipe off every cent I have in them. Luckily, my debit cards have less than $10 worth in both. I am glad I only carried a $50 note in my wallet. I did not lose my senses and gave them my husband's ATM card because I respect the fact that I only use the money inside for emergencies.

    What I got from the session was 20 mins sauna and 30 mins in their hot blanket after being covered in salt. Lost 1 kg in water. The consultant gave me the free products; a pack of sea salt, a body trim fluid 1 (15ml) and an oxy trimming gel for hydration (15ml). I did not get the 3 meal plan.

    Now I am worried that as my husband says, they have stolen my card details and will siphon off every bit of money I put inside. Is that true? Should I consult a bank for this? So ashamed that I actually allowed them to swipe my debit cards.

  5. Now only I know I am not the only one having issues with this so-called famous and very successful, international company... I regret I did not bothered to google about them when I received my free slimming voucher for 1st timers last month...

    Problem already exist, now still not solved and the whole story is just too long to be posted here. Anyhow, I have learned the painful + costly lesson and shall make sure I take back my credit card and sign on the spot for any transaction I made, not to forgot it at the counter while got swiped by eager and forceful talks.


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