Sunday, 21 August 2011

Beauty Works, Bukit Jalil


I've got myself a Beauty Works deal from Groupego a few months ago. I bought myself too many deals til that i forgot about this Beauty Work voucher and when it's near expiry, it's during my final exams! Argh!! I thought i couldn't redeem this deal as i paid RM50 for 2 times of facial treatment but i decided to give it a try by calling Beauty Works and asked if they could extend the deal or not. I'm overjoyed when they said they can do it for me and asked if i would like to make any appointment or not first as their weekends are always fully booked.

     So i went for the treatment last week (2 weeks after expiry  =D ) together with Hun, as i got myself another free facial treatment for liking their facebook page. We went there on the weekend and surprisingly, that are is very quiet, almost like a dear town with only a few cars park at the parking lot. Ok nvr mind. Doesn't matter..

     Beauty Work uses Sothys Product from Paris, need not to say, it's one of the best facial products in the market. The facial last about 2 hours with a short consultation. Hun's treatment was a normal facial, just cleanse, exfoliate and a simple mask, without any massage but no complaint - it's a free facial.

     As for me, i was asked if i would like to top up another RM70 to try their intensive facial and i was tempted to try as they said they will add a few more steps and products in the facial. My facial started with double cleanse, next, they rubbed a layer of "crystal" i don't know what's that but they called it crystal, which is the first step of the intensive treatment, and then followed by steamer. Next she added the step 2 product and it melts the crystal which will be absorbed into my skin and then soften the white heads. After massage the product til fully absorb, she started the extraction part. She didn't extract much as she said she do not want my face to look very reddish. After extration is the facial massage, shoulder massage and then followed by a mask.

     So i paid RM95 (RM25 from voucher and top up another RM70) and i wasn't contended with the treatment. The facial was very simple, not as intensive as i think. Not much of result and i don't feel relax at all. They did not use any machine on my face, not even the sterilizing machine after extraction. The facial massage was ok, but the shoulder massage was horrible, below the par.

     The normal price for a normal facial is quite high, not really affordable for student. The package that the beautician told me was RM299 for 1 times of intensive facial (buy 1 free 1) so each treatment is about RM150. The beautician was very friendly and not so pushy, and asked if i would like to purchase their gentle exfoliation scrub or not as it's good for my skin and asked if i would like to sign for any package or not. I said i will consider it and will tell them in my next visit, as the voucher that i bought is entitle for 2 facial treatment.

     Overall, im not satisfied with the treatment as it's below my expectation. You can go there for a trial and if you like simple facial then it's ok but i opt for a relaxing and effective facial. You can get a free trial facial by liking their facebook page at this link and if they send you an email to your facebook inbox, then you can try out their simple facial for free. One of the beautician also told my Hun that if he recommend 10 friends to the facial and he will get a facial treatment for free. 

Their weekends are always fully booked so make appoiment in advance.

Beauty Works
No. 7-19M, Jalan 14/15SB,
Taman Esplanad,
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-2300101

Ambiance :


-Uses Sothys Product
-Friendly beautician
-Friendly and not very pushy
-Nice ambiance

-Uneffective intensive facial
-Feels like McD(fast food), means a very fast and simple facial
-Quite expensive
-Not relaxing, bad massage
-Not worth it

Overall Rating:

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