Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Simple Oatmeal Face Cleanser

     We face abundance of chemicals everyday, from water and air pollution to pesticides in our food. Many people will opt for natural and organic products in order to maintain a healthy body. What about our skin care product? Aren't you tired of all the products out there made of chemicals and most of them even contain harsh ingredients that can cause reactions if you have a sensitive skin. Why not try a natural face cleanser that's very handy and can be reached within your kitchen-The oatmeal face cleanser.

Why oatmeal? 
     It's one of the best natural ingredients for skin care, especially for those with sensitive skin or eczema. The compound found in oatmeal called avenanthramides helps in soothe and relieving types of skin irritation and inflammation. It also contain saponins, which is good for its cleansing properties as it has foaming characteristics. Oatmeal is highly absorbent and it can absorb the impurities from our skin and thus unclogging the clogged pores without drying our skin. The most important thing is that oatmeal is easily available and it's very cheap.

 How to make your oatmeal cleanser?
     You can use the oatmeal as is in its rolled, flake form or grind it up to make your colloidal oatmeal. Take a handful of oatmeal, grab it with your palm and run them under warm water so that it gets soaked up until it's soft. Squeeze out the excessive water gently onto another palm and rub it on your face without wasting all the benefits in it.
     Start by applying the moisten oatmeal onto your face, rubbing it in circular motion. The bad thing in this is that it can get quite messy and dirty but with all the beauty benefits it gives, just bear with it. Rub it for about one minute and then rinse it off with luke warm water, pat dry your face with a soft towel and apply your moisturizer.
     other option is to make your colloidal oatmeal by grinding the oatmeal into fine powder with a food processor. Just take a sufficient amount, with it mix some water into a paste form and gently massage it all over your face. The benefit is that it also act as an exfoliant in helping to slough off dead skin cells. Ground oatmeal is more readily absorbed into your skin, so it can quickly soothe irritated skin and fight inflammation.

Handy Tips:
1. Put a strainer in my sink or strain it up first with a strainer as oatmeal will become think with the presence of water and cause sink drains.
2. Store your oatmeal in your bathroom so that you will not forget your oatmeal cleanser everytime you want to wash your face.
3. Store your oatmeal in an air tight container in the bathroom to avoid damp air from getting into it as it will promote the growth of bacteria.
4. Use it to replace your daily facial cleanser and you can see visible result in just one day and i ensure that your skin condition will improve within 1 week of usage, day and night.

P/S: You might fall in love with this natural cleanser and dump your facial cleanser aside!!  

1. Easily available
2. Cheap
3. Prevent clog pores
4. Good cleansing agent
5. Natural and free from chemicals
6. Can soften the skin
7. Pleasant smell

1. Can get very messy when using it
2. Hard to clean off after use
3. Can clog sink if not treated properly
4. Not convenient esp for travelling

Hope you guys like it and thanks for reading.. XOXO

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