Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Idemisse Facial

     This is a beauty review about another Facial Saloon, Idemisse. I got 2 vouchers from mydeals.com some time ago and pulled Hun along for a facial at Idemisse, located at Times Square. The beautician welcome us and serve us with a cuppa hot tea and began and consultation session-the nail-biter session

So here's what written at the website about the deal:

  • 91% off Crystal Jade 5 Elements Facial (60 mins) @ Idemisse for RM28 instead of RM298!

  • Treat yourself with Idemisse’s relaxing and unique facial treatment

  • Uses 5 elements oil:
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Marl

  • Benefits of the facial:
    • Firming and radiance
    • Face shaping and lifting
    • Reduces open pores
    • Accelerates repair of aged cells
    • Enhances the blood and lymph circulation
    • Reduces dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation

  • Uses Swiss made products

  • Both women and men are welcomed!

  • Get additional RM100 cash voucher (redeemable on courses/products)

  •      Upon consultation, the consultant(the boss) said that the 5 element facial is not suitable for my skin condition as i have slight acne and also white heads around my cheek area and thus she asked me to upgrade my facial to a suitable one, which need to top up another RM68 for it. As for Hun, she said his skin is ok for she treatment as it's for people without any acne, like him.

         It's unfair. Why people like who who try so hard to take care of my face have so many skin problems like acne and white heads but the one that didnt wash his face before going to bed has smooth and beautiful skin! Argh!! Ok forget bout it.. enough of the dramatic session.

         Let's get back to the topic. =) The facial started with double cleanse, then facial scrub, extraction, eye brow shaping, ampoule, facial massage and mask. I dislike their service and they hire non malaysian to do the facial for us, which means that they did not attend any beautician school and i dont think they have a valid certificate to be a beautician. Not to say that they can't even speak proper mandarin. I think they were trained by the boss herself only and have not recognize. The one that did the facial for me is a Thai or a Cambodian and the one that did the facial for Hun, was trying to communicate with English but we scratch our head when she speaks. Sounded like Tamil. =.=

         Their facial is definitely not a professional one. We're not asked to change our attire before we started our facial and just lie on their bed with my short skin and own shirt which is very uncomfy! They didnt massage me at all, the i still feel tensed after the facial session. =( a bad one!

         As for honey's 5 elements facial, i can't see any differences at the before and after as they said the 5 element facial will help in lifting and also make the face look slimmer. Another marketing  strategies to cheat Aunties....

         After the facial they recommended me some products and they're very pushy. Anyhow i bought something from them. Bought a Dermedex trial pack which consist of Biotox Refining Cream which is good for acne and scars and also Biotox Cleaner, and also Idemisse Hyaluronic Moist.

            The trial pack cost me RM22 and the Hyaluronic Moist cost me RM68(original price is RM168) as there's a discount voucher worth RM100 from the deal. The Dermedex Trial Pack is worth trying and the result is ok, it soothes my skin. As for the Hyaluronic Moist, i can feel that my face is more hydrated and less tight after applying it.

         Their products was ok but definitely not their service. Their facial room is very small and the environment is so so..

    -Friendly beautician
    -Less whiteheads after treatment

    -painful extraction
    -no special attire to change during facial session
    -no shoulder massage
    -not relax
    -very small room and no aroma scent
    -the room is hot
    -i dislike the non Malaysian beautician
    -very very pushy



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