Thursday, 18 August 2011

Beaute Mart - Egyptian Magic Cream

     I've wrote a review on Egyptian Magic Cream which i've purchased online and you can read the review here --> Egyptan Magic Cream Review

     So what about this post? Hm... i'm gonna tell you what happened to the cream. If you've read my earlier post about Egyptian Magic Cream, i said that they've deleted my complaints on their facebook wall post. They responded to me last week. Do you know why? Here i'm gonna tell you guys but it's better if you read my previous post about Egyptian Magic Cream Review.

      The jar stated that we can be fully refunded if we're not satisfy with the product, by returning the hald remaining tub of cream to the seller. I've contacted the seller which is Beauty Mart and wrote a post on their wall poast regarding about this but they deleted my post and doesnt repond to my complaints.

     I was very angry and wrote a review on Egyptian Magic Cream. After that, something crossed my mind. "Tadaa!!" Why not complaint to the main website of Egyptian Magic Cream from USA!! It's not about the refund but it's about the bad service of the Malaysia's Egyptian Magic Cream seller!

     So i've lodge a complaint at the USA webpage and they responded to me in just one day and asked me to send an email to their customer service and complaint to the e-mail provided. After that Beauty Mart responded and sent an e-mail to me within hours after i've complaint to the US customer's service! You can see the message between us in the following attachment..

So basically this was what happened. I really dislike this kind of seller who ignores customer's complaints and then give all sort of nonsense and reason after that. When customers complaint to the main seller, they responded in just a few hours. So dearies, know your rights. Customers are always right! Please don't get cheated by those irresponsible seller.

Thank for reading.. XOXO

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