Monday, 22 August 2011

Laneige Snow BB Cream

     I'm not fan of BB Cream but i was tempted to try out the Laneige BB Cream when i was looking for a sun block at Laneige Counter in Mid Valley. The promoter asked if i want a sun block with sheer coverage or without and i said the one with coverage will be better. She recommended me Laneige Snow BB Cream with SPF of 41.

     The color of the BB Cream is nice and it goes well with all skin color. There're 2 types to choose from, the one with matte finish and one with some shimmery effect and i chose the one with shimmery effect which makes my skin looks healthier.

Cute packaging, with some snowy effect at the box.

Comes with SPF41

Comes in a tube form, easy to use.

Just a small amount i needed for coverage.

     This product smells great when you apply it. It gave quite a lot of coverage, blended well with my skin color and my skin looks very nice and healthy, even my course mate compliment me for the healthy lookin skin. However, my nightmare began after using it for about 2 weeks, everyday. I can see more whiteheads on my cheek and it clogged my pores although i clean my face thoroughly every night. I didn't know the reason why at first until i discover that BB Cream actually clog pores thus i try to stop using it for awhile and my skin condition improved a lot. 

     So for now, i've abandoned my first and ever BB Cream, only using it occasionally when i need a good coverage for special occasion but i'm afraid that it will clog my pores again so i will make sure that i clean my face thoroughly by double cleansing, scrub and apply a layer of clay mask. So dearies, i advice all of you if you really need to use BB Cream, make sure you use it as little as you can and clean your face thoroughly at night before going to bed. 

     I will definitely not opt for any BB Cream anymore even some of my friend told me how great some of the BB Creams are. I'll just stick back to normal sun block and if i need any coverage i will just pat on some foundation, at least it won't clog my pores. 

Price : RM 115.00
Size : 50ml

-good coverage
-even our my skin tone
-nice smell
-make skin looks more radiance

-clog pores

Overall Rating:


  1. I usually don't go for beauty products after reading review of it over the net, as I believe one should consult dermatologist before trying anything as your skin is different from others and one need to be very conscious when it comes to skin care

  2. Its amazing cream.Best for sun blocking.It moisturized the skin and keep it refreshing and glowing.It also has a beautiful fragrance.thanks for sharing it


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