Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Serene Aesthetic Cheras Branch

Thanks to Webuy.com which introduced Serene Aesthetic to me at their website. The deal cost me RM50 but i was entitled for a total of RM376 worth of facial treatment and also an extra RM80 for next visit.
So here's the deal:

I went to redeem this deal at the Cheras Branch, located at CMC mall last week and i feel in love with their friendly beautician and good service. 

When i reach there, they greeted me warmly and then ask me to sit down for a short consultation and face analysis. The skin analysis machine that they use is exactly the same as the one i saw in New York Skin solution. Same problems.. Large and clogged pored, white heads at the cheek, black heads at the nose and tiny pimples all over my forehead. *sigh*

After the consultation and skin analysis, the beautician(i forgot her name) directed me to the facial room and asked me to keep my bad in the locker and then put on their silky piece of cloth, i don't know what to call that. Soon the facial began.. Oh yeah, she noticed that i've my contact lens on and advice me to take it off as there's an eye treatment and they even prepare a contact lens container and solution for me. Yes i know it's very unhygienic to share but once in a while it's OK for me. :P

Started with milk cleanser followed by double cleanse. After that is scrub, i love their scrub as they don't use any machine, just facial scrub with hand. After the scrub they put on the algae mask for me(top up RM30 for this) which is good for my acne skin as it detoxify and soften my white heads, easier for extraction. The algae mask smells almost the same like the one in Herbaline. 

While waiting for the mask to dry, they start the shoulder massage which made me fell asleep. Next is steamer followed by extraction and it was painful but no pain no gain.. T_T 

After extraction they begin the eye treatment which is like a facial point massage and then neck treatment by using machine. The last step is the hydrating mask and then the hot stone massage. During the whole facial session, the beautician chatted with me and she was friendly. 

Next is another consultation about my skin problem and they asked if i want to sign their package or not. They're not pushy at all and i love their facial treatment and also service so much that i want to sign their package. They showed me the cheapest package as im still a student they knew, RM500 for 5 sessions of the same treatment(Micro-caps Hydrating Treatment), with free eye treatment, neck treatment and hot stone massage. I asked them is't possible to replace the hot stone massage with the algae mask as the algae mask is more important and they agreed. They told me although the hot stone massage has been replaced there's still facial point and also shoulder massage which is sufficient for me. =) *Shhh* I've upgrade my package to the RM1,500 package for 12 times Treatment(6 Micro-Caps and 6 Intensive Treatment) on my second visit. Can you tell how much i like about their service? =)

Oh yeah, there's a lucky draw if you sign their package and i got a free nail colour in baby pink which have the same quality as OPI and the selling price is RM55. They then gave me a free gift of their products in sample size- a cleanser, essence and moisturizer. Since i've upgrade my treatment to the RM1500 package, i will be entitled for one more lucky draw chance. I got their eye-shadow. Will make a review on it some time later. They said they i can pay my package by installment, divide into 4 times payment and once payment is fully made, i will get a free SOSKIN gentle cleanser, another product that i'm gonna review on in the future as i'm trying out their travel size cleanser now.

They uses Soskin Product from France. This is the description of Soskin product adapted from their website:

Soskin products are developed from blending medical-grade plant and marine actives, protein and clinically-proven skin compatible bases to create therapeutic and luxurious products that give clearly visible results. 

Situated on a botanical site between Grasse and Nice, France, the Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories employs advanced scientific technology to harness the most efficient molecules of nature to produce Soskin skincare products that give the best results in a more natural way.

The cleanser is really mild and effective, the smell is very soothing, like cucumber and pumpkin. The essence which helps is pore problems was ok and the moisturizer is greenish in color. The beauty consultant told me that it's best to apply at night and can be applied as a mask by applying more and thicker layer. I can't really tell the result of the products at it's just a sample size but i can tell that the product doesn't irritate my skin nor make my skin feels tight.

Another thing that i like about them is they are very concern of customers' skin condition as i receive a few calls from them after having my treatment. They asked if i have any skin problem after their treatment, and how's my skin condition now and they're so caring that they asked me to take care of my eating diet and also my body's health. Aw... ♥♥♥

For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.sereneaesthetics.com.my/. Although the ambiance is not that good, but for the good service and treatment it's really worthy. Besides the price is really reasonable, unlike those money sucking beauty saloon which over packages at RM2k plus.. Worth a try as it's strategically located at a few locations. These are the address and contact number of all the branches of Serene Aesthetic. Click on it for a larger image..

Ambiance :


-Conveniently located at 9 locations
-Good product and service
-Friendly and not pushy at all
-No hard sell consultant, no harsh words
-Reasonable price

-Ambiance's not that good
-I can't think of anymre

Overall Rating:

*Wording in Blue color are newly added information after my second visit and package upgrades. Thanks for reading. XOXO

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