Monday, 15 August 2011

Follow Me Holistic Spa Body Shampoo

Went to Giant with Bin and Khailing few weeks ago and there was this Aunty Promoter who recommend me this  body shampoo. Fell in love with it once i smell it but i didnt buy it as i still have lotz of body shampoo at home..

The smell keep lingering in my mind and i cant stand it.. Love the smell and i want it so much so i bought it at Midvalley Carrefour yesterday!! Hahaha..

I wonder why Jusco and Watsons are not selling this awesome Body Shampoo. Definitely a must have for those who loves spa and relaxing smell.





     The "relax" one is the best among all of them. This is the one that will give you the spa like feel when you're using it. The other 3 smell like ordinary body shampoo, nothing special. RM16.50 for 1000ml, worth trying! The "relax" one smells like a mixture of lemongrass and lavender flower thus giving a very nice and relaxing scent.

     I don't use it everyday the reason why is because if you use it everyday, you'll get bored with the same smell and the next time you use it, it will not give you any of the relaxing feel anymore. Besides it's not soapy and it you have a sweaty day, i don't think this body shampoo will be good enough. Anyway, give it a try.. Really helps in relaxing your mind. You can use it with your loofah so that it's more soapy and foamy or pump it in your bath tub for a warm and spa like treatment at home. =) 
-Very relaxing smell
-Very big bottle, can last long
-Easily available
-Comes with a pump dispenser

-Not soapy and thus not effective in cleaning your body after a long day outside

Overall Rating:

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