Friday, 19 August 2011

My Lip Stuff - Lip Balm

Came across this website selling natural hand made lip balm online, which was recommended by Cleo Magz. Browse through the website and fall in love with the Lip Balm that has over 400 flavors to choose from! Wow... That's the most I've heard so far, and i love the packaging, simple and cute.. "wonder why my friend said it looks cheap". Yes it's cheeap, only RM12 for a tube but it doesnt look cheap at all.

     The balm goes on oily-smooth, and feels like there's an oily layer on my lips, so on my first impression it wasn't too great. However, that oiliness goes off after awhile. It's a really good product and i love using it at night because i'll wake up to a supple lips-no more chapped lips! =)

     The scent is obvious the minute you apply the balm but as to my disappointment, it disappears rather quickly. However it really does it work as a lip balm and you can see result in just one night. Why not for RM12 instead of the fancy expensive brand out there like Burt's Bee or The Body Shop lip balm which cost quite alot. =)

      Here are the natural ingredients used to make the balm:
Sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and essential flavor oil-all are very moisturizing ingredients for skin.

And yeah, now you can get this locally!! no need to go through all the hassle to get these all the way from the US.

If you are already eager to get your hands on them, here's where you should head on to --> My Lip Stuff Malaysia. You can get more information about the lip balms and flavors reviews from this website.

I got my lipbalm in just 2 days and it was bubblewrapped nicely. How nice of you, Cynthia! =)

Cute packaging. That's a Name card of the seller with a lovely message at the back.
Thank you Cynthia! =)

Nightime-My Fav out of all.. 
Description from the Website:Just like our aromatherapy bath salts: Lavender, Rose, & Orange to help with sleepless nights
Very strong scent of Lavender and you can taste the taste of Lavender actually. Very relaxing and calming esp when apply at night before sleep. 

Butt Naked - Funny Name
Description from Website : Butt Naked is a refreshing mix of green apple, honeydew, & spicy pear.
Can't smell any Green apple and i dont know what's the smell of spicy pear. Smell a bit like honey dew and chewing gum. 

Sex On the Beach - The cocktail =)
Description from Website : This one smells just like the drink! Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Peach, & Vodka.
I cant smell any orange, pineapple and peach but Berries. =)

Healing-the one that i like least.
Description from Website:Just like our aromatherapy bath salts: Lime, Eucalyptus, & Tea Tree to help cleanse & purify the body.
i was looking for one with green tea flavors but misread tea tree as green tree. Have a very strong scent of lime and tea tree but at the same time, smells like detergent for toilet and floors but it's fine with me. =)

So this is how the balm look. 

-environmental friendly
-very moisturizing
-moisture really last very long
-nice scent and lotz of flavors to choose from
-cheap and effective

-too oily
-scent disappears rather fast
-some of them doesn't really smell like the ingredients mentioned
Overall Rating:

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