Monday, 22 August 2011

120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette

   Wow at last!! I jumped with joy this morning upon receiving my Manly Eyeshadow parcel from the postman. I ordered it last Thursday and took 5 days to receive it. maybe they start processing it on Friday, and Sunday is a public holiday.

   I've ordered this Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette from for RM59.95 exclude deliveries charges. It's a promotional price as the normal price they are selling is RM79.95. They charged RM5.00 for pos laju deliveries. Well, you can also purchase the same product from any other website and the other i've found is but they are selling it at a higher price-RM95.00, hmm alot thou..

Here's the packing I've received and im gonna show u guys how is't packed. = )

Pos Laju Pakage with a Fragile Sign

The box is wrap with a bubble wrap.. which can protect it from breaking.

Once unwrapping the bubble wrap. Yes "Manly Eyeshadow" sounds real awful and i wonder why they use this name.

Another layer of bubble wrap again.. Keep it real safe.. 

Ew, the ugly box. but look at the inside of it~

Once you open it up..

They stack it together, this is not how it supposed to look when u open it up. I put the upper stack up.
How gorgeous! Muah~~Love the colours~~

Yes they wrap both the stack of eyeshadows with a layer of thin plastic. There's another hard plastic cover above each stack of eyeshadows so that u can protect the eyeshadows when u stack then together.

The Upper Stack - A huge range of Blue, Green and Yellow

Yes they have this cute mixture of colour.

The second stack of eyeshadow. A range of Black-Silver, Blue-Green, Purple, Pink, Red, and Soft tone.
Yes the last one at the bottom is GOLD!! whee!! ; )

     Manly eyeshadow is actually a brand from Hong Kong. U can also find it on e-bay and alot of other website but the websites i mentioned above are for Malaysian online-shoppers. There's no outlet available yet in Malaysia.

     What i really really like is they have both shimmering and matte eyeshadows in this palette which is really good so that u can have either matte or shimmering eye makeup depends on the occasion. This is a really good palette with a wide array of colours, good quality and pretty cheap. The colour is very pigmented and you'll just need a soft swipe on it to get the colour out-which means it'll last long!!  However u need to becareful not to press it to hard with your finger or makeup brushes as the eyeshadow tends to be very soft and powdery. 

Look at the beautiful colours. Just a soft swipe and this is the colour you'll get. Amazing isn't?
And look at that gorgeous gold colour.. That pink on my fingertip is a matte colour.

The yellow-perfect for summer makeup and real funky..

       So yeah, that's it. My Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette with only RM65.95 include postage. Good quality, affordable price and gorgeous colours! I've started using it for a few times and i can say that the color stays on the whole day, and it does not crease at the end of the day. Only a little amount is needed and the color stands out a lot just swiping a small amount on. Overall, i'm very satisfied with the product and also the quality. 

-Very cheap
-good quality
-comes in both shimmery and matte colors
-very pigmented
-good for beginner and also professional use
-wide range of color to choose from

-need to purchase online
-the eye shadow is quite soft, need to handle is gently
-not easy to remove once applied, hard to do correction

Overall Rating:

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  1. The palette contains only few attractive colours and for beginners I don't find this one suitable as they themselves said that it is not easy to remove and correct something if it goes wrong.


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