Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream

Hello hotties! Today i'm going to do a review on Maybeline Clear Smooth 8-IN1 Skin Transformer BB Cream. I've always wanted to try this new product as it attracts me whenever i pass by Watson or Guardian but i didnt purchase it worrying that it might clog my pores and blah blah blah..  but now.. i'm so happy that i got this as a freebies from CLEO in the January 2012 issue! Woots!

So here's the BB Cream, came in a tub of 6ml which last probably about 5 to 6 applications.

What it claims:

Our Revolutinary Skin Perfecting Cream instantly improves and perfects your skin :
1. Brightens instantly
2. Evens tone
3. Smoothes skin
4. Refines & minimizes pores
5. Clears skin
6. Conceals imperfections
7. Moisturizers 24hour
8. Protects with SPF 26/PA+++

-Clinically proven, no oil, no fragrance, no pore clogging.
-Even suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologist tested.

What I Think about this BB Cream:

The texture is rather thin and runny and it's easy to apply. I do not agree that it doesn't control any oil as it glides on my skin easily. It gives a dewy finish rather than a matte finish i will say and it provide fair coverage and looks pretty natural on my skin.

If you prefer something with more coverage, i dont think this is a suitable product for you. After a apply it, there's still some visible scars on my face and thus i need to cover it with some concealer. Here's the before and after result.

As you can see, it doesn't give a heavy coverage and i definitely recommend it for those who opt for a natural finish and light feel with a dewy looking skin. I personally have oily combination skin and i think that this BB Cream doesn't control oils as my T-zone looks shiny after around 2 hours and thus i dust some loose powder after applying it to keep it matte.

It claims that it conceal imperfections, i think that it only delivers 50% of what it says. It does conceal the dark circles fairly well but when it comes to redness and scars, it doesn't give any good coverage. Besides, it says that it refines and minimizes pores and i think that it reduce almost 80% of my pores appearance and it's good enough for me.

The sample that i've got is in 01 Fresh and it blends well with my skin color, and it's even better than the Laneige BB Cream that i've got, which is too fair and pale looking on my skin. Below is a simple comparison I've made between the Laneige Snow BB Cream and Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream.

So this is my look of the day after using Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream, touched up with some concealer and loose powder.

Overall i will say that this product is ok to use, and do not forget that it comes in a cheaper price as compared to other high end BB Cream, so do not expect too much from it. For everyday, medium coverage and natural looks, this will do a good job already. Let me sum up my review with the Pros and Cons.

Pros : 
-Comes with SPF 24+++
-Skin doesn't feel tight after using it (moisturizers)
-Light and Natural coverage
-Love the dewy effects after applying it
-Easily available (Watson, Guardian, etc)
-Cheap !
-Blends in well with my skin color
-Easy application, glides smoothly

Cons : 
-Doesn't control much oil, need to blot the excess sebum away at the mid of the day
-Need to finish with loose powder to mattify and also to control the oil
-Contains Paraben which is not so good

Overall Rating :

Thanks for reading!! XOXO

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  1. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream is one of my favorite product. I do apply it whenever i am going out. It gives glow to my skin.


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