Monday, 30 January 2012

Makeup Tips We Love!

Your foundation looks cakey? Eyeshadow that doesn't stay the whole day? Blusher that making you look 10 years older? Oily and shiny T-zone? Are these the problems that you're facing everyday with your makeup routine? Worry not! Here are some makeup tips that i guarantee will be very helpful and will definitely solve your make up problems! 

For Thy FACE

1. Always prep your skin with a face primer or moisturizer if you do not have one before applying foundation. 
    -This will gives you a flawless finish and covers up your pores. Your foundation will last longer too!

2. Mix your liquid concealer with a moisturizer. 
    - It will gives a better blending with your skin color.

3. Apply your foundation by spotting it where it's necessary instead of applying it the whole face.
    - This will makes your make-up looks more natural and a barely-there finish.

4. Problems with blemish?
    - Forget about the concealer. Use the thickened base collected in the cap of your foundation or BBCream. 
       Dab it with your fingers and set with powder. Trust me, it gives a better coverage than a concealer.

5. Cakey and fine lines after applying foundation?
     - Press loose powder on the face if you're using a sponge, not swipe. If you're using a powder brush,make
        sure you tap away the excess powder before lightly applying it in circular motion. 

6. Shiny T-Zone?
     - Blot away the excess sebum before touching up with a pressed powder or else you'll have a cakey face.

7. Blemish or Sensitive skin?
     - Try to look for a mineral foundation. 

8. Clogged pores after using foundation or BB Cream?
     - Apply your foundation or BB cream in downwards motion as this will prevent the products from getting  
       into the pores. Remember to apply your skin care in upwards and circular motion!

9. Having a foundation that's too thick and making you look 10 years older?
     - I had this problem once after purchasing a wrong foundation. Do not throw it away but instead, mix it 
        with your moisturizer so that it's thinner and gives a natural finish. 

10. The most important thing out of all - Wash and Sanitize your hand before applying makeup especially 
      when you're doing it with your fingers. Unless you like breakouts! =P

For that Charming EYES

1. Conceal your panda eyes! 
    - No makeup looks good with undereyes circle. Applying makeup without concealing it make only 
      emphasize the dark circles and makes you look tired and worn out!

2. How to conceal your dark circles perfectly?
     - Dot concealer on the inner and below your eye and then pat it with your ring finger, not swiping it. Set it 
        with loose powder.

3. Creased Shadow ? 
     - This will normally happen to one with oily eyelids and if you're the one, try to avoid cream shadow, 
        instead use a powder eyeshadow. If you're a big fans of cream shadow and can't live without it, my  
        advice is to apply a thin layer of powder eyeshadow after applying your cream shadow of of the same 

4. Longer lasting eyeshadow?
     -Use an eyelid primer before applying your eyeshadow. Not only making your eyeshadow last longer,
       it will enhance the color of your eyeshadow as well. 

5. Precise and fool-proof eyeliner
     - Dot your eyeliner along the lashline for your desirable line and then connect the dots. This is the best way
       for those who want to start using a liquid liner. You can draw your liner with a single stroke when you're
       good at it. Remember, practice makes perfect!

6. For a longer lasting eyeliner
     - trace your eyeliner with an eyeshadow brush after lining your eye with an eyeliner no matter it's a pencil, 
        liquid or gel liner. Trace ut with a black shadow for a dramatic effects or soften the look with a brown

7. For a bigger looking eyes
     - this is my own way of applying the eyeliner for a bigger looking eyes and not too harsh for a daytime 
       look. Line your eye with a liquid liner, starting for the middle of your lash line instead of the inner corner 
      of the eyes. Bring it out and end it with a slight flip. This will make your eyes look bigger and longer. Then,   
      line your lower lash line just about 0.5 cm and connect it to the flip. Dab some brown shadow over the 

8. Shimmer VS matte shadow
     -Shimmer eyeshadow are nice and fun but it's not easy to wear as it will emphasize tired and puffy eyes.
      Choose a matte one if you opt for a natural looking eyes and if you have wrinkled lids. Use shimmer as a 
      highlighter instead.

9. Brighten your tired eyes with a white liner.
     - Softly line your lower lashline with a white or peach colored liner as this will hide our tired looking eyes 
       and brighten it up instantly!

10. Most important step to a bright and fresh eyes!
     - Dab a dot of pale shimmery shadow like white, champagne or gold at the inner corners of your eyes and   
       also at the middle of your eyelids just above the lashline. See the difference yourself. 

Want a Sexier and Fuller LASHES?

1. Protect your lashes!
    - First of all, remember not to curl your lashes too hard with a curler as this will breaks your lashes.
       For a natural and beautiful lashes, curl your lash with a curler with 3 steps, press the curler softly starting     
       from the roots, middle and then the tip instead of just one hard application at the root as this will gives 
       you a shocking and awful looking lashes!

2. A super curl that last the whole day?
    - Warm your curler with a hair dryer fora few second. Remember to try the temperature of the curler 
       before using it to curl your lashes as you do not want to burn your eyelid.

3. Curler SOS!
    - What if you've forgotten your eyelash curler when you're outstation and desperately in need of curling 
       your  lash for a dinner look? Fear not! Use a teaspoon and warm it up with your palm, place it 
       horizontally and facing downwards, lightly press your eyelash against it and pulling it out and up gently. 
       Do this for a few times and it will give the same effects like the curler.

4. Hard and untamed lashes?
    - Curl your lashes with a heated curler and coat it with a waterproof mascara instead of a regular formula 
      as a waterproof mascara locks the shape better.

5. Daytime VS Nightout
    - Applying a lengthening mascara for a daytime look and a volumizing mascara for a night look. If you have   
       relatively short lashes, apply a coat of lengthening mascara before a volumizing mascara. For a more 
      dramatic effects, apply a few coats of mascara until you achieve your desirable effects but remember, not
      to apply it too thick or else it will get clumpy. 

6. Want a wider and bigger looking eyes?
     - Apply a few layer of mascara at your top lashes and then your bottom lashes as well.

7. How to solve clumpy and irregular mascara application?
    - Instead of applying your mascara in an outwards direction, apply it with a zig-zag direction from the 
       roots. This will separate the lashes to prevent clumps and also gives a fuller, sexier and thicker lashes!!

8. Opps! Too much of mascara and clumps?
    - If you have a lash separator, use it to separate your lashes and remove the clumps. If you do not have  
      one, wash your old and unused mascara wand and dry it. Use it to comb your lashes and remove the 
      clumps. Do  not use any tissue or finger!

9. Smudges? 
    - Do not swipe it away with your finger as it will not remove it but will only dirty and ruin your makeups. 
      Use a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover and gently dab away the falls out and smudges. Lightly 
      press some powder over the area.

10. Colored mascara.
     - A black color mascara gives you a fuller lashes and bigger eyes while a brown one gives your a more 
       natural looking eyes for a daytime look. A blue or purple colored mascara funk up your eyes and gives 
       you a flirty and dramatic effects for the dinner date or a party look!

Healthy and Glowing CHEEK

1. First Tip - Less is more
    - Do not overdo your cheek color as it will makes your face looks like an ape butt and makes you 10
      years older.

2. For powder blush
    - Use a professional blush brush for a perfect application. Do not apply a powder blush with your finger as 
       it will look uneven and blotchy.  

3. For gel and cream blush
    - Dab it with your finger and blend. Remember to start with a small amount and work it slowly for your 
      desirable intensity and effect. Remember-Less is more ; )

4. If you have a wide face and want a slimmer look
    - Apply the lighter color blush onto the apples of your cheeks and a darker shade slightly below it and 
      along the line of your cheekbones. Remember to blend to create a smooth transition. 

5. Too much of blusher? 
    - Dab some powder foundation over it to tone it down. Swipe away with a tissue if you're using a cream 

6. Where should you apply your blusher?
    - This is how i work my blusher. By using a brush, tap off the excess and softly apply the blusher at the 
       cheekbones and with the remaining of the blusher at the brush, lightly brush it over the forehead and chin
       for radiant face.

7. Want a healthy glow?
     - Apply a highlighter or shimmery powder at the highest point of the cheek bones and blend it outwards. 
       Use a fine shimmery powder and do not overly do it. You want a healthy glow, not shiny face!

8. Run out of blusher?
    - Rub some lippie with the tip of your ring finger and warm it up, then dab 3 dots of lippie over your cheek 
       bones and blend it with your finger. It will give a very healthy glow and i like the effects more than a 
       powder  blush! Watch out! Do not do this if you have super sensitive skin and use a high quality lippie if  
       you want to  use it as a replacement!

9. Contouring with bronzer?
    - Most of the Asian girl do not have tanned skin and we seldom use a bronzer. However, a bronzer is a 
      great tool to contour your face. Applying it near your hairline if you have wide forehead to shorten your 
      forehead, at the side of your cheek near your ears for a slimmer face, at the jaw line and also the lower of 
      your chin if  you have some "baby-fat" there. Most importantly, use a matte bronzer for this. 

10. Clogged pores? 
     - Use the same technique as applying foundation if you have clogged pores. Apply your blusher in a 
        downwards directly to prevent it from getting into your pores.


1. Do not apply lippie or glossie over chapped lips as this will only emphasize the chapping!
    -Remember to apply lip balm before you sleep for a beautiful lips. What if you have chapped lips in the 
      morning? Rub your lips with a dampen cloth to exfoliate the dry skin and then apply a layer of lip balm 
      and let it sit for 3 minutes. Blot the excess away with a tissue and apply your lip color. 

2. Longer lasting lippie
    - Apply a layer of lipstick and then blot it with a tissue by gently pressing it against your lips. Reapply and 
      that will sit for the whole day. p/s do not use a cheap and low quality lipstick as it's not long lasting and 
      might be dangerous too!

3. Sexy and fuller lips
    - Line your lips with a lip pencil. Use a lip liner shade which is closest to your original lip color to prevent 
      that two-toned effects. Fill your lips with your desirable lip color and dab on some glossy at the 
      middle of the lips for a plumper and fuller lips.

4. Dark and intense lip color
    - Be precised! Line your lip with a lip liner, and then fill in your lips by applying your lip color with a lip 

5. Nude or soft color
    - If you have pale lips, apply the lip color just like normal. For those with darker lips, prime your lips with a 
       foundation and better if you have a lip concealer. Apply your lipstick as desirable. 

6. Thin and thick lips
    - For those with thin lips, it's advisable to apply a layer of glossy after applying your lipstick to fake the 
      appearance of a fuller lips. For those with thick lips, skip the glossy as it will only emphasize it and 
      enhance the appearance of a full lips.

7. Which shades is suitable for me?
    - Lippie can age your down if you apply it wrongly. For a heavy eye makeup, remember to tone down 
      your lippie by applying a soft or nude color. If you prefer dark or bright red lippie, you need to tone down 
      your eyecolor. For those who are over 40s, it's advisable to use a darker or bright red lipstick instead of 
      the pink or nude one as it will only make you look paler and worn out. 

8. Tired of your lippie color?
    - Instead of splurging on a new lippie,  experiment your lip color by mixing it with other lippie to get a new 
      and fresher color. 

9. Remove the remnants of your lipsticks and reapply after meal!
   - If you do not do so, your lippie will run out of your lips and get messy. Blot the remnants away with a 
     tissue and reapply. Do not do so blindly. Do it in front of a compact mirror or head to the washroom!

10. Dab a dot of highlighter over the cupid bow of the lips to emphasize the shape and make it look 

Hope my tips will help you create a better and beautiful makeup! Stay tune for more!! =) XOXO


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