Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Do you believe in Fate?

Well this is definitely an out of topic post but i would like to share my experience with you as i think it's worth sharing. This post are specially dedicated for all the pets' owner out there.

Here the story goes...

I've always wanted a pet dog but i don't think it's a suitable time to get one yet as i'm still a student and financially, ahem, can't even support myself. I love dogs and my dad has 3 dogs at home (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and English Bulldog). Here's the pic of my lovely family doggies.

Foxxy, Boscoe and Kumoe

Boscoe (Golden Retriever) belonged to me and the other two belongs to my brothers. However, my dad is the one who is taking care of them now as all of us are out here for studies. Sadly, my dearest Boscoe passed away last year due to food poisoning and nothing can be done to save him. I can still remember the tears that rolled down from his eyes when he was suffering and in pain. =(

Til end of last year, my dad was asking his friend is there're any dog for adoption as he wants to keep them in the farm so that the worker there is kept accompanied. He was looking for somekind of normal dog, the stray dog kind of dog, not the good breed one. 

One of his friend told him that he has a pekingese mix dog that he doesn't want and thus he gave it to my dad and let him stay at the farm. I heard it and i couldn't resist to see the cute lil creature and ocne i met him i can't let him stay at the farm as it's not a suitable place for a family dog like him, Hugo his name. =)

I brought him back but Kumoe and Foxxy couldn't accept a new friend and thus I have to bring Hugo back to KL and i have to support him myself. $$$ It's ok since it is my choice. I love Hugo and he's such a cute and adorable fluffy dog. 

Well the reason the previous owner "dump" him was because, he complaint that he's too noisy but i don't think he is. The only reason when he bark is because he needs companion, doesn't like to be alone. But i've trained him well i guess, that he can stay in my room whenever i need to go out and of course, have to assure that  I've fed him and brought him out for poo poo and wee wee. (He doesn't poo and wee in the room!)

When i first brought him back to KL, i found that he like to chase his tail and kept biting his paws and i thought that it's his bad habit but it's actually not. I found out that it's because of the lack of a certain kind of nutrient in his system when i brought him to a vet and thus i have to get him extra supplement and that's $$$ again.. *sigh* what to do, i love him! 

I feel that the previous owner was not responsible enough and i don't think he/she deserve to have a dog. Why get one if you do not want to take care of him well? Hugo has skin problem, lack of nutrient and untrained when he was first adopted by me. Besides his skin is really sensitive and i believe that the previous owner didn't give him any supplement and fed him with their leftovers!

So my advice is, if you don't think you have the time, money, patience and most importantly, PASSION for dog, please do not get one and it's really torturing for the cute creature and it's not easy to have a dog and make him stay healthy! 

I think that it's fate that brought me and Hugo together, and he's tame and not really noisy when he's with me now, unlike what the previous owner said. Besides, he's quite obedient, but yet quite agile. Still need more time to train him as he's already 3 years old plus now but i'm sure that i will be able to train him well one day. Ush! =)

I'm cutting on my makeup stuff and clothes in order to get a fluffy comfy bed for him, more supplement, toys  and clothes of course! Save save save! 

So here's Hugo, after sent for a full groom and "makeover"! =)

I'm not sure about the breed, a lil of Pekingese, Schnauzer, and etc.. That doesn't matter to me actually and I love him! =)  

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  1. Lovely blog! Yes I do believe in fate. We all are born with a destiny and we have to meet that destiny and fate. However, there are certain things through which we can strive to make it better.


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