Monday, 14 May 2012

Oat & Honey Facial Mask

As I've posted earlier on the greatness of oatmeal, this is another way you can benefit from it - by making your own Facial Mask.

Oatmeal can be use as a gentle cleansing agent and thus applying oatmeal mask on your face can actually draws out the impurities and some excess sebum gently.

Beside, it's cheap and easily available. I know there're some brand in the market that uses Oatmeal as one of the key ingredient in making their skincare and the famous one is Dermalogica Colloidal Facial Mask. It's good but the price is even better. So why not kill some time by making your own oat mask and it's 100% free from chemicals. 

This is how i do it :

1. Get some colloidal oat. If you do not have colloidal out, get any rolled or flaked oat, grind it and that's it, you got your colloidal oat.

2. Mix it with 2 table spoon of honey.

3. The paste will be too thick to apply and this you can add a few drop of water, or better a few drop of green tea to make it easier to apply later.

4. Stir it to the consistency that you can apply it smoothly on your face, without dripping all over.

5. Let it stay for 15 minutes or until it dries up.

6. Dampen your mask with water and massage it in circular motion. This can exfoliate your dead skin gently to make your skin absorb the goodness of the ingredient better.

7. Rinse off and moisturize.

If you're wondering what're the benefit of oatmeal, you can take a look at my previous post that I've talked about it.

As for honey, it can soften your skin, absorb and retain moisture and it can also slow down ageing processes. Greentea is well known for it detox benefit and it's a good antioxidant, thus it actually helps to combat acne problem and and leave the skin feeling fresh and comfy. 

Well it might be gross to apply oat on the face, and it can get a little messy when you're washing it off but care what for it's amazing benefit.

Try not to apply it too close to your hairline as it tend to stuck at the hair and hard to remove it off. Well after I wash it off, my face doesn't feel tight at all but feeling clean and fresh. I waited for 10 minutes to see if it gets tight but it doesn't. See how amazing it is. 

So, wait not and start making your own mask now and pamper your skin!!

*The whole process will only take you roughly 30 minutes, from making it to washing it off*

So this it how it looks at the beginning... Smells good.. 

 After 20 minutes, all dries up and the mask looks darker as there's some honey in the paste.

Voila! All done.. Please bear with my naked face(except for my eyebrow), I know it's horrible, the scars and acne.. T_T And I can't live without my Eyebrow pencil! =)

Hope you guys enjoy reading it and it's you've any tips or tricks, do comment to let me know..


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  2. Its nice that you shared this mask recipe with us. Natural ingredients are always good for your skin as they have no side effects and results in refreshed and enhanced skin.


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